Creative Labs has been churning out so many great value and good quality audio products that I am getting rather embarrassed that I kept singing praises. But it is quite unbelievable that Creative has offered their products at low prices yet achieving impressive quality. The Creative Metallix is yet another product, a portable speaker priced at S$39 (original price is S$59 but Creative seems to sells at the lower price most of the time).

Creative Metallix Bluetooth Wireless Speaker review by, Singapore consumer tech blog

What I like about the speaker is the solid build. It’s made of cold aluminium which keeps the structure firm. There are numerous buttons and slots, a hint of the number of functions the Metallix support.

There is the microSD slot for internal music player, the AUX port for direct audio cable, the USB port which doubles as an antenna for FM radio – yes it has built-in radio too! I also like that the power button is a physical slider switch instead of a button, so there is no doubt whether the power is turned on or off. Speaking of power, the speaker lasts 24 hours in a single charge.

Creative Metallix Bluetooth Wireless Speaker review by, Singapore consumer tech blog

There is also the usual play and volume buttons the doubles as track controls. These buttons are flushed beneath rubber panel, so it’s hard to notice them under low light. And they click rather loudly. The Metallix also works as a speakerphone when paired to the smartphone, even as a smarthome speaker by initiating Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Very versatile.

Have you been keeping track of the list of functions? There’s more. The Metallix can be paired to another Metallix to deliver stereo sound. The pairing is a little academic, so just follow the manual instructions carefully to make sure you get them right. In Stereo mode, the speaker cannot enable other modes like microSD playback or radio.

Creative Metallix Bluetooth Wireless Speaker review by, Singapore consumer tech blog

The sound quality almost blew me away. This single 37mm speaker driver with hidden passive radiator pumps respectable bass output with sufficient presence at high volumes, that I can even feel the surface vibrate. But it’s the crystal clear treble that wins the deal. The Metallix easily impresses anyone listening for the first time, since high-fidelity sound is one that catches the ears. Depending on the music genre you listen to, it can get a little tiring. Mid-range frequency is obviously not going to shine, so songs with details on this area might sound unsatisfied.

Creative Metallix Bluetooth Wireless Speaker audio rating by, Singapore consumer tech blog

Piping through YouTube, there is only a very tiny audio lag, which I feel is acceptable and doesn’t distract my enjoyment.

Comparing to the Sensport Rave Model 1 and Tronsmart Element Splash speakers, I prefer the Sensport because of its dual speaker stereo setup and a less pristine treble, ironically. My old ears prefer a less “hi-fi” sound so that I can play background music with balanced lows and highs. If you need a rugged speaker with clear treble, the Tronsmart fills the gap. Creative Metallix fits perfectly for home use and for listeners who wants a presentable design.


The Creative Metallix is not going to replace your mid-sized portable speakers, but it works around the limitations of a mini speaker to tune the speaker with treble clarity and working on the bass with its hidden radiator. To top that, the Metallix offers so many functions in a well-built metal cylinder that for S$39, it’s an unbelievable steal.

Creative Metallix Bluetooth Wireless Speaker review by, Singapore consumer tech blog

The Creative Metallix is available exclusively from Creative eStore. You can’t audition this in any retail stores, unfortunately, but this is also how Creative keeps its low price by selling direct to consumers. Sign up as a free member so that you receive their regular newsletter and promotion. During the recent COMEX show, many of the newer audio products are also going at really low prices at purchase-with-purchase promotion.

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