Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger Review: Gravity Mount Makes Docking Phones Easy

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review

Every vehicle in Singapore would have a smartphone holder because it carries heavy penalty for using the phone while driving. My current smartphone dock was the suction cup type which I stuck onto the windscreen because I did not like to stick permanent items on the car. It requires two hands to dock, one to hold in place and another to push down the clamp. Occasionally, the clamp would come loose from the windscreen due to heat. I did not like air-con vent mount because the repeated dock and undock actions risk damaging the fragile vent.

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review

Then comes along Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger Car Mount. This dock clamps the phone securely based on gravity. Thanks to clever interlocking mechanism, the sides of the phone holder pushes inwards when the base of the phone holder pushes downwards.

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review

On top of that, it also charges the phone, provided your phone supports the Qi Wireless Charging. This dock charges faster with the 10W spec, but provided you plug the cable to the Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 charger.

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review

The rear clamp is really tight with rubber lining to prevent any movements, so  after I carefully slotted the phone holder into the air-con vent, it held in place securely. Docking the phone to the holder is a breeze and it holds the phone weight without drooping. Removing the phone is just as simple without having to exerting any force. The phone holder rattles to the engine rev at certain rpm range if no phone is inserted, which could get irritating, depending on your tolerance level.

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review

The dock easily holds the 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Note9 even at its weight of 201g. Check out how it looks and works.

I did encounter interference with my car’s keyless system when the charger is placed at the air-con vent next to the driver’s door. It gave a false message that the key was not detected. Just be mindful about that. What I do is to remove the cable from the USB port so that the phone does not go into charging all the time. Besides, I don’t have a separate fast charger, and with my car’s built-in USB port, it takes over 15 minutes to charge 5%. Alternatively, position the holder at the middle of the car.

Baseus 10W Qi Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder review


When I received this Baseus Car Holder, I jokingly told my colleague that he could have it after I was done with the review. Now, I decide to keep it for my own use. I love the gravity mount that clamps my phone securely and easily removes it from the dock without any force that could risk damaging the air-con vent. Plus, the 10W Qi Wireless Charger is a bonus to charge the phone when battery is low.

Order a unit from Lululook website at US$19.99 with free worldwide shipping. It’s a fantastic price, considering a 10W desk Qi wireless charger costs around the same price. Maybe you could modify to use at home instead of in-vehicle.


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