Sudio Sweden reached out to me, among other tech bloggers and social media influencers, for Sudio Nivå earphones review, their first in the personal wireless audio collection. If you think Sudio sounds a little familiar, that is because the founder is inspired by Phil Collin’s song, Sussudio. The Sudio Nivå retails for an affordable price of S$169, and if you use the discount code “musicphotolife15” during checkout, you enjoy 15% discount, ends 31 July 2019. International shipping via door-to-door courier is free. Update 13 May 2019: Sudio has launched a new TWS earphones, Sudio Tolv, which I recommend you to read up at the link here.

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Unboxing and Design

The item was shipped via DHL from Hong Kong and arrived within 6 working days from the order confirmation. It comes with 3 pairs of earbuds, micro USB charger, guarantee certificate for 1-year international warranty, instruction. The earbuds are stored in the case without any plastic film over the charge contacts.

Sudio Niva True Wireless Earphones review by

The plastic materials used for the Niva are not exactly premium quality. The charging case is very lightweight and hollow. It feels like the case will crack or dent if dropped on a hard surface. The raw brown leather cord contrasts with the clean white case for a Scandinavian feel. I recommend getting the black one for durability, but the white is prettier and great for gifting.

Summary Specs

  • Driver: 6.2mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency: 18 – 22,000 Hz
  • Case battery: 500mAh
  • Earbud battery: 55mAh
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2


The Sudio Niva does not auto-power up when the earbuds remove from the charging case. Both earbuds must be turned on separately by press-hold the button for 3 seconds. There is only 1 button on each earbud, which you use to play-pause, change tracks, answer phone calls. Both left and right earbud button works the same. It is not possible to adjust volume on the earbuds. To power down the earbuds, either press-hold manually or place them back on the charging case.

The Sudio Niva suffers from regular interference resulting in audio cut-offs on the left earbud. I am not able to determine a pattern to the disruption, but I suspect it is affected by the Wi-Fi radio signals. By tilting the head a little, the left channel audio returns.

Battery Life

These earbuds gets 3.5 hour battery life with one charge, and the charging case can charge another 4 times, totaling 17 hours before going for the wall plug.

Sudio Niva True Wireless Earphones review by

Audio Quality

The Sudio Niva has impressive sub-bass response. The kick-bass delivers the pumps, the mid-bass has good presence while not too overpowering. The low-treble vocal frequency is not too harsh nor sibilant, and high-treble is not too sparkling. Sound staging is comfortable, not too flat but not too wide too.

Overall sound quality is enjoyable and does not sound coloured. The bass is not as heavy as SOUL X-Shock, and between the 2, I prefer the tuning of the Sudio Niva, which is bassy enough but does not cloud the treble. Comparing to Jabra Elite 65t, the Sudio Niva has more bass, but Elite 65t wins on treble delivery.

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Sudio Niva does not offer advanced audio controls or companion app, but what I like that its treble is not too bright, the bass is strong but does not bleed into the treble. I enjoy listening to them from an audio perspective, though lacking in the bells and whistles that other brands offer. The Sudio Niva retails at S$169, and enjoy 15% off if you buy from their official Singapore website and use discount code “musicphotolife15“. Free door-to-door shipping and 1 year international warranty makes it a great value.

The Sudio Niva is provided free of charge for this review article. The reviewer does not get commission from the usage of the discount code.

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  1. Hello! Your reviews are very informative! How would you compare this to the MDR-XB50BS in terms of sound quality? Sorry I know your review for the XB50BS is over 2 years old hahah but my budget is 100 and these two are pretty close (due to recent sales and promotions). I want to try true-wireless but Im wary about the audio-video lag thats why Im also considering the sony. Thank you!

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