Plantronics BackBeat discount code BLPLT20C

Plantronics Singapore and Ban Leong partners with Music Photo Life in this discount code campaign from now till 22 Jul 2018. Your benefit is that you enjoy Plantronics BackBeat at 20% discount. While I get a commission of about S$6 for every unit sold, it does not cost you extra. On top of that, you can also enter a lucky draw (closed) where the winner walks away with a BackBeat 500 wireless headphone!

Here’s the discount promo code:


(Valid till 22 July 2018)

The list of earphones and headphones on offer are :

  • BackBeat 505 (S$139): S$111.20 after discount
  • BackBeat FIT (S$149): $119.20 after discount
  • BackBeat FIT Boost Edition (S$189): $151.20 after discount
  • BackBeat FIT 305 (S$109): S$87.20 after discount

This promotion is available from Ban Leong eStore.

For the record, I am happy to rebate you my share of commission if I can validate your purchase (friends and colleagues can do that easily, so come look for me if you have done so).

If you have already decided which one to get, you can click the link to purchase from Ban Leong eStore, official distributor for Plantronics products in Singapore. These products enjoy 2 year warranty and there is a flat shipping fee of S$6 per order.

I have tested all the products, so I know the pros and cons of each product. If you need my recommendation, then read on.

Plantronics BackBeat series: a Summary

If you are new to Plantronics products, let me share with you my personal experience. I have reviewed their brand of audio headphones for many years, and their sound quality is generally good, with strong bass and clear treble. The BackBeat GO series that come with portable charging case were some of my earlier favourites, and I even bought one set for my wife many years back.

The BackBeat PRO series were my recent favourites, as these headphones have active noise cancelling, auto pause sensor, ambient mode, and 24 hour battery life. To me, they are the early pioneer of intelligent wireless headphones that are now found on Sony consumer headphones like WH-1000XM2, yet BackBeat PRO are much cheaper. I too converted a few of my peers to the PRO2 headphones.

The BackBeat FIT series are for the active lifestyle users who demand for some water protection, so these earphones have nano-coating to repel sweat and rain. I will elaborate each of the offer items with my full review links that are written before this campaign started.

BackBeat 505 (S$111.20 after discount)

This on-ear headphones is value for money and compact enough for travel use. The audio quality is well-balanced, strong bass without sounding too bright. Playback control buttons are clear and easy to use. Headband size might be small for large heads, so they fit well on children. I can wear them after extending the headband to full length.

Plantronics BackBeat 505 review by

Full review:

BackBeat FIT (S$119.20 after discount)

I reviewed this product many years back. I did not fancy it much but a friend bought it, loved it, and just bought the same one again after the previous one broke. The BackBeat FIT is unique among these earphones thanks to the “semi-neckband” design which holds the earbuds without the floppy wires. The eartips are also open type, allowing the wearer to hear the surrounding during runs, eliminating any claustrophobic feel.

Full review:

BackBeat FIT Boost Edition (S$151.20 after discount)

This is the same as the BackBeat FIT, except you pay additional S$30+ to get a special carrying case with power bank, so that you can charge the BackBeat FIT on the go.

BackBeat FIT 305 (S$87.20 after discount)

This is the cheapest model among all. I did not do a separate review because the product did not work well for me. The earbuds are oval in shape, which is comfortable. Therein lies the problem: it slips out easily since there is no tension applied against the inner ear wall. Because the in-line remote is chunky, it will rock wildly which tugs the earbuds off my ears. For that, it is required to use the provided clip to cinch the cables around the back of the neck to prevent the cables from rocking. After I did that, the earbuds are quite secure.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 305 unboxing by

There appears to be a tendency for the clip to break, given user feedback. Plantronics even sell them as separate accessory. If you buy the FIT 305 and broke the clip, no worries. Just go to Lazada and buy one (link here). Even cheaper, get from AliExpress, but shipping takes about a month.

The sound quality is towards the bright clear treble signature, with mild bass output. The battery last 6 hours.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 305 review by

I have passed the unit to a few people and most of them are happy with the earphones.

My recommendation

Among the items on offer, the BackBeat 505 would be my choice. The price is good for an on-ear wireless headphones. If you are looking for a pair for running and hates the dangling wires and afraid of noise cut-off, the BackBeat FIT could be an option. The BackBeat FIT 305 is the cheapest and has the tendency to fall out of the ears during running, unless you cinch the cables.

Hope my post gives you a clear idea of the products on promo. If you are looking for a sport earphones or an affordable on-ear headphones, you can check these out. If you want a hands-on, come look for me and I’ll let you try it out those that I have on hand (quick, before I return the review units back).

Plantronics coupon code on Ban Leong estore BLPLT20C

Ban Leong eStore link:

Coupon Code: BLPLT20C

Plantronics Coupon Code BLPLT20C

Lucky Draw (ended)

Music Photo Life readers who purchase the Plantronics BackBeat product from Ban Leong eStore using the promo code “BLPLT20” can enter a draw to win one unit (1) of BackBeat 500 (White colour) with 1 year local warranty from date of delivery by Plantronics Singapore. Entry closes on 29 Jul 2018 2359 hrs.

Click here for the Plantronics BackBeat Contest entry form

GSS Promotion 2018 (updated 13 June 2018)

It appears the retail promotion for selected Plantronics products are almost matching the discounts here, available at selected IT shops. Visit this Facebook post for detailed price list.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT at 20% Discount with Coupon Code
Article Name
Plantronics BackBeat FIT at 20% Discount with Coupon Code
20% discount for Plantronics BackBeat 505, BackBeat FIT, BackBeat FIT 305 in Singapore. Promotion till 22 July 2018.

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