Lazada 2018 Birthday Surprise Box

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 is happening from 24 to 26 April. Like last year, Lazada Singapore sent over a Brand Surprise Box for me to unbox and reveal what’s inside the box. It is priced at S$29 but the total value of the items in the box goes up to S$100, sometimes more.

Based on last year’s experience, it is extremely difficult to successfully check out a Lazada Surprise Box due to traffic load. I tried myself in hope to grab one myself but I was no match against the “pros”. But I took it in my stride, and consider it like a “lucky draw” for me if I do manage to order one. Even better: I don’t have to pay anything to join in the raffle!

So what’s my Surprise Box this time?

Lazada 2018 Birthday Surprise Box

Lazada X Memory World Accessories Surprise Box

Memory World is a Singapore company established in 1997 and began as an exclusive distributor to memory brand, Transcend Inc. It has grown to become a trusted company for computer and mobile solutions, and carries many other brands like WD, Seagate, HGST, Synology.

There are 4 items in the box, but I am not allowed to reveal all but two pieces.

X-Mini WE

This mini speaker is valued at S$39.90, which is already more than the price of the Surprise Box (though you could search in Lazada for some discounts). So if you are already thinking of getting this product, you are better off ordering the Surprise Box!

X-mini WE wireless speaker

X-Mini is a Singapore brand who specialises in affordable portable audio speakers. Many of their wireless speakers are really small and compact.

X-mini WE wireless speaker

X-Mini WE supports Bluetooth 3.0 and wired audio through micro USB. Pairing to devices are simple thanks to NFC.

X-mini WE wireless speaker unboxing

Audio quality is surprisingly big for this small speaker. There are small amount of distortion, and the bass response is expected to be flat, given the speaker has a frequency response of 200 – 20000 Hz. One charge lasts 4 hours on wireless audio, or 6 hours with wired.

X-mini WE wireless speaker with Sony A15 Walkman

The speaker is definitely an upgrade to any smartphone speakers, so if you are constantly bogged down by the poor speaker on your phone, then this is a useful speaker to carry around your bag. The body barrel is surrounded with silicone and the speaker diaphragm is also protected with a silicone cover.

Rapoo 10000 mAh Power Bank

I was struggling between revealing this and another product that Memory World carries (hint: it’s got to do with storage). But I figure this is more useful to more people.

Rapoo 10000 mAh Power Bank

There is no such thing as too many power banks, don’t you agree? Personally, I already have 5 power banks but over time, the battery reduces charge capacity and the circuitry goes somewhat haywire, or the USB port wears down and loses contact. What I do to these old power banks is that I repurpose them to power up little standalone electronics that work with USB power, for instance, powering the LED of my Lego on display, or battery-operated IP cameras.

Rapoo 10000 mAh Power Bank

The power bank has a soft silicone coating on the exterior, which is a great protection so that you can transport the power bank without causing damage to any other devices that come into contact, unlike the aluminium Xiaomi power banks. There are 2 USB ports, one supports 2.4A and the other 1A, maximum rating is 37Wh.

Rapoo 10000 mAh Power Bank

I’m not sure of the retail value, but in general, 10000 mAh power banks can cost from $30 upwards. Not forgetting, there are 2 more mystery items in the Surprise Box that I cannot reveal, but the total street value is around S$100. Out of the 4 items, 2 items are fixed for all Memory World Accessories Box, so do expect some variations if you buy the box. The X-mini WE speaker is fixed, while the power bank is variable.

The Lazada X Memory World Surprise Box will start selling on 26 April at 2pm. Good luck!

More Deals!

Other than Memory World, there are many other Brand Surprise Boxes available, like SOUL Audio, JBL, IMS, Leapfrog, GoPro, Logitech. If you visit the Lazada Birthday Festival page, you will also preview dozens of discount vouchers. Plus, if you are not a Lazada shopper yet, you get to enjoy 18% off your first purchase, capped at $6, valid for first 100 new customers only. Voucher valid from 24-26 April 2018.


Just like the previous Lazada sales, the Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 is full of flash deals of up to 90% off. It is the next best thing to enjoy, and I personally get more bargains through that. Surprise Boxes run out within the first few minutes and is hard to get, but flash deals last for 2 hours, and the products are genuinely cheaper.

In the previous Lazada sale in December, I walked away with the Honor 8 Pro (retail S$599) at below S$300, after applying additional promo discounts. That phone never returned to that price level, trust me, because month after month, I was still monitoring the price for my friends who pestered me to let them know if the price will fall so low again.

So, keep a lookout for flash deals, and you are going to be elated to find some gems selling at unbelievable prices.

Happy Birthday in advance, Lazada! And thanks to them, you get the presents.

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Lazada X Memory World Accessories Surprise Box on 2018 Birthday Festival


  1. Hello! Just wondering if you could share what the other items inside were since this event is over already 🙂 Thank You!

  2. Wtf I didn’t get ANY of these items in my Memory World box. I got a huge pair of old fashioned earphones, a cheap flimsy plastic thing, and an 8gb flash drive. The total isn’t even close to reaching $100 in value! What happened to my “fixed items”?

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