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Besides the Geneva Touring series portable speakers, Geneva Acustica/Lounge is a larger cube-shaped AC-powered speaker that is built within a real wood cabinet. The top panel is machined aluminium in matching colours, with laser-engraved buttons to add to the solid feel. Like the Touring, there is a eco-leather cladding around the identically-shaped speaker grille.

Geneva Lab Acustica/Lounge Bluetooth Speaker review by

Behind the speaker, there is a USB port that delivers 1A 5V current. You can use that to power any USB devices, and the intent from Geneva Lab is to plug a Google Chromecast Audio dongle to it, so that the Acustica is transformed into a Wi-Fi speaker.

Geneva Lab Acustica/Lounge Bluetooth Speaker review by

Weighing over 3kg, the speaker cabinet contains a single 4-inch woofer capable of reaching 50 Hz, and a 3/4-inch dome tweeter that reproduces up to 20 kHz, both driven by a Class D amplifier. The speakers turn out to be massively powerful especially the lower bass registers. Acustica/Lounge delivers clear meticulous treble that defines the high-fidelity qualities. Orchestral strings sparkle, vocals sizzle, and the lower bass rumbles. The Acustica creates a perfect atmosphere when playing Jazz instrumental music in a darkened living room. When piping music through the 3.5mm audio cable, the high frequency sounds less aggressive, which is a common behaviour I notice.

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The Acustica/Lounge still lacks some qualities that make it full-range speaker for critical listening. Firstly, there is only one set of tweeter and woofer, so there is no stereo reproduction. Second, the digital audio processor favours centre-mix instruments over the other instruments mixed towards the left-right sections. Hence, main instruments like vocals and percussions are clearer, while certain accompaniments are less prominent. Finally, there is weak presence on the upper bass and lower mids (which would add fullness) when listening at lower volumes.


The Geneva Acustica/Lounge is a powerful speaker that should be enjoyed at loud volumes to bring out the music. The speaker’s treble treatment and the deep bass delivery will turn heads and impress listeners with what this small speaker can do. Even at high volumes, the subwoofer reverbs intensely without rattle.

The Acustica/Lounge retails in Singapore at S$449 and available in authorised Geneva Lab dealers such as AV Intelligence (Millenia Walk), Changi Airport (all terminals) by e-Gadget, Isetan (Scotts & Tampines Mall), Nubox stores, Robinsons (The Heeren), TANGS (Orchard & Vivocity) and TwoBros Lifestyle & Gadget Store (Novena Square).

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