This is the longest break I had in between blog posts since I moved to WordPress. What happened was that I am currently rushing editorial deadline for NXT Magazine, which I have been contributing articles since June issue. You see, I get a writer’s fee for NXT, while I get nothing for writing my blog articles. If blogging is a freelance from my actual job, then NXT writing is a freelance from my actual blogging.

Gadgets on review for NXT Magazine

It is interesting to see how far NXT has come. It’s almost 2 years since launch and monthly sales average 10,000 copies. By today’s standards, that is quite good, given that print is dying the and world is embracing digital and paperless. NXT is available both in print at S$7 and in electronic via Magzter, which I have been subscribing for over a year. Selected articles from the monthly publication is also available on the NXT website.

Here are some of the articles I have written for NXT and made available online:

Many of the products written for NXT are also featured in my blog, but they are re-written instead of duplicated. This is because NXT is more concise while my blog is more elaborate.

If you happen to read both versions, let me know which one you prefer.

If you are interested to join NXT as a full-time editorial staff, there is a vacancy.

Article Name
Contributing Articles for NXT Magazine Singapore
I also write for NXT Magazine Singapore, a publication by Kingsman Media. Read on to find out how to get the mags, in print and online.

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