I miss large display monitors.

10 years ago, I started using 2 monitors because I could be more efficient especially when initially the display resolution were not high-res. Then the monitors got bigger, resolution got higher, until a point where I have a 27-inch and a 24-inch side by side. I was also at the peak of my photography career, so large monitors lets me edit better.

Then at the turn of the decade, the monitors started to break down one by one. Instead of replacing them with the same spec, I went for budget monitors, primarily because I have wound down on my photography assignments. Last year, when my Dell 27-inch QHD totally went bonkers, I downgraded to a 24-inch Full HD.

Lester Chan referred me to BenQ who contacted me and introduced the EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor. Through this article, my readers get to purchase this intelligent monitor at a discount (see end of post for promo code). The monitor is on loan so I am not sponsored to share my views on this product.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor box

BenQ seems to be out of consumer radar in Singapore but because they focused their product strategy on core competencies. They appear to do very well in the gaming industry, which has grown really big. Their monitors and sub-brand, ZOWIE, are sought after by professional gamers who rely on the quality displays, keyboards and mice to beat competitors. Thanks to eSports, desktops and chunky laptops are not out-of-fashion. Besides monitors, BenQ Singapore engages in B2B sales with products like professional projectors and interactive touch TV for education and office use.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

Eye-Care Monitor

Consumers are not unfamiliar with displays that filter blue light, and we are gradually understanding the health risks of being exposed to excessive short wavelength. Older BenQ monitors already offer Low Blue Light display mode to reduce fatigue. It also has Brightness Intelligence Technology that adjusts brightness automatically. The EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor takes a step further. The improved Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) automatically adjusts brightness and colour temperature. Under bright lighting, the monitor increases brightness and contrast to counter the environment. During overcast weather, the colour temperature changes to less warm.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

Generally, it works well, but at times, the screen keeps adjust the colour temperature too often, which I suspect was due to some interference from artificial light sources.

The specs of the Eye-Care Monitor are pretty impressive. The 2K QHD 27-inch monitor supports Rec. 709 and 100% sRGB colour space, 8-bit display. It comes with stereo speakers, two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort. The bezels on all 4 sides are thin so multi-display setup will look more seamless.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

The on-screen display menu gives direct access to the preset display modes so that I can manually pick the best viewing experience. To list a few:

  • Picture Mode: Standard, Low Blue Light, Cinema, Game, Photo, sRGB, Rec. 709, Eco, M-book, User
  • Low Blue Light modes: Multimedia, Web Surfing, Office, Reading.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor OSD menu

  • Picture Colour Temperature Presets: Normal, Bluish, Reddish, User Define
  • Gamma Presets: 0-5
  • Smart Focus: displays a small window in the middle of the monitor.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

It did get rather tricky hitting the right buttons against the OSD indicators, because when my fingers are behind the panel, I could not really align with what was displayed. To add matters worse, there are 6 buttons but I could only use 4 fingers at any one time. I imagined myself trying to operate the buttons like a musical instrument pressing the right keys. I think a better way of implementing would be to place the 6 buttons in 3 rows of 2.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

I like that there is an additional power switch located next to the cable socket. This allows me to kill the power current instead of keeping the monitor on standby which trickle-drain the power.

If it seems too perfect, well, BenQ had to cut back on a few features. For instance, the stand can only support tilt up and down, and does not support height adjustment or swivel. The VESA-compatible mount appears to be identical to the Dell U2713H, but when I tried to fit it, it couldn’t fit – almost. If I were to file away the corners, it will work. The U2713H stand supports height adjustment and tilt, so you might want to consider getting one and do a simple mod.

The Dell U2713H stand could not fit the BenQ EW2770QZ

The EW2770QZ is marketed as a monitor for home and office use for consumers who cares for their eyes more than being colour-accurate for professional work. You could potentially use it for creative works if you disable the B.I.+, but then it would defeat the purpose of buying this monitor. Comparing to my Dell U2417H, the EW2770QZ seems close, without going through any excessive calibration.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor vs. Dell U2417H


The BenQ EW2770QZ comes as a rather attractive package, priced competitively and offers unique features of auto-correcting the colour temperature and brightness according to the environment. If you have children at home who always use the computer, the EW2770QZ can protect their eyes from excessive blue light and colour temperature mismatch throughout the day. Office workers whose monitors are close to the window will also benefit as the display will compensate the changing lights throughout the day.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor review

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If you are interested to purchase BenQ monitors, use this special voucher code, “Eyecare2018” to enjoy $20 off the following Eye-Care series monitors (prices before discount):

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  3. EW2770QZ, 27-inch QHD, RRP S$599 (Lazada affiliate link)

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