Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale in October 2017

Logitech needs no introduction. It’s a brand synonymous with good quality computer input devices at great value, constantly innovating the way we interact with our devices.

Lazada Singapore recently engaged me to share some of Logitech’s products that are sold exclusively at the online store. They issued me voucher codes for me to order any Logitech products listed on the Online Exclusive Store. That’s a rather smart thing to do: I get to experience the entire ordering process and I get to choose the products I really want to review. I ended up topping up a little bit of cash to order several more Logitech products, but it’s definitely worth it.


List of products available on the exclusive store list:

  • M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse. S$41.65 (after discount)
  • M275 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse. S$10 (after discount)
  • MK240 Wireless Compact Keyboard and Mouse Combo. S$25.90 (after discount)
  • M220 Silent Wireless Mobile Mouse. S$18.90 (after discount)
  • G102 Optical Gaming Mouse. S$35.90 (after discount)
  • MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. S$25.90 (after discount)

logitech M585: Multi-Device Productivity Mouse

Logitech M585 retails at S$49 in the Lazada store, but is going at a 15% discount for the month of October 2017. What’s so special about this mouse? It improves productivity, offers ultra-precise scrolling, and comes with the new Flow technology.

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale in October 2017

Ergonomics – the mouse is larger than the lower-end Logitech mouse, hence it offers better support and comfort when using.

Thumb buttons – the additional 2 buttons at the thumb are defaulted as Forward and Back, which is great for navigating webpages. No longer do I need to click the on-screen arrows to move around the webpage history. You can customise the buttons when you install the Logitech Options software.

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale in October 2017

Scroll left and right – on the scroll wheel, I can push left and right to scroll horizontally. This is an advanced feature found usually in more premium mouse. Well, M585 is a premium mouse.

Flow technology across multiple computers – You can move your mouse from one computer to another, just like the good old KVM days. For the new generation who does not know what KVM is, it stands for “Keyboard Video Mouse”. It is a special cable system that allows one keyboard, monitor and mouse to be used across multiple desktop computers. With M585, there is no need for complicated cables. As long as both computers are on the same Wi-Fi network and has the Logitech Options software installed, you can move the mouse from one computer screen to another computer screen, just like extended desktop. You can even copy contents through the mouse actions like drag-drop. Supports both Windows and MacOS.

Multi-Device – One of my favourite features available in many Logitech products, I can pair M585 to 2 devices at the same time and toggle between them by pressing the toggle button in the middle of the mouse. So I do not need separate mice for different devices, or pair every time I switch device.

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale

Bluetooth or Wireless USB – The M585 supports the traditional wireless USB dongle, as well as Bluetooth BLE. So if your laptop works with Bluetooth, you can save the precious USB port for something else. And because the USB receiver is using Logitech Unifying technology, it is programmable to be paired with other compatible Logitech products.

Suffice to say, the mouse works great. The ergonomics is better than the M238 series, though the latter looks more fun. The M585 is also smoother to glide on surface because its Teflon pads are larger. The mouse tracking laser is invisible so it is not distracting when using in low-light places. The USB dongle can be stored in the battery compartment when not in use. The button click actions are a little more crisp than the M238 with sufficient distance to prevent any mis-clicks. The M585 is one of the more advanced mouse offered by Logitech and now at a discount sold at Lazada store, it’s a must-have for those who often work with multiple computers and devices.

MK240 Wireless Compact Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Apart from M585, Lazada is also selling several other Logitech products on the exclusive site. I ordered the MK240 Compact Keyboard and Mouse Combo for my daughter, and the red theme fits her perfectly. With just a single wireless USB dongle, she can type and mouse around instead of using the restrictive laptop keyboard and trackpad.

Logitech MK240 Wireless Compact Keyboard and Mouse Combo review, Lazada exclusive online sale

Here’s in her own words:

I like the new keyboard and mouse because it came as one set! The keyboard has a nice sound when you tap on it. The mouse has a similar function. The keyboard’s design is very pretty. You can even use it for National Day! Why? Because it is red and white! I like Logitech products as they do not get spoiled very easily. As what my father had mentioned earlier, the MK240 is a very useful keyboard and mouse as it does not get worn out easily. Go try it out today for just $25.90 only!

The keys are slightly muted, as you can hear from the video clip below:

M220 Silent Wireless Mouse

I added the M220 Silent Wireless Mouse to the shopping cart for my wife, so that she can use without disturbing people around her. It requires getting used to NOT hearing the sparkling “click” sound, replaced by a dull “cluck” tone that felt somewhat unsatisfactory. But you will appreciate that peace if you are a heavy mouse user and work in a rather quiet environment. There are no fanciful features, just standard 2-button mouse and scroll wheel and an 18-month battery life on a single AA battery.

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse. M220 Silent Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale

Check out the video below to hear the difference:

Lazada Online Exclusive Sale in October 2017

Everyone needs a keyboard and mouse to work on, and they are usually the dirtiest peripherals. So if your keyboard or mouse is several years old, it’s worth considering to replace them, now that Lazada is offering at a discount.

Visit the Logitech Exclusive Online Store in the month of October to shop for your next mouse or keyboard combo from S$10. Stocks are limited!

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse review, Lazada exclusive online sale

Thanks to Lazada for the collaboration. This is not a paid advertorial, hence all opinions are mine and the article does not go through moderation.

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