Sony continues to bank on the popularity of the Walkman Headset series with the new model NW-WS623. If it looks familiar, that is because the design resembles the NW-WS413, which I reviewed last year.

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The model numbering seems to suggest that the WS620 series is a successor to the WS610 series, which looks quite different. WS610 series has larger storage at 16GB, only waterproof, includes splashproof remote. The WS610 also feature additional functions like reading out incoming alert and text messages, supporting EQ presets and sound effects. The WS610 battery life is only 7 hours.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

The WS620 series bears more similarities to the WS410 series, that is, salt waterproof, supports ambient mode to listen to surroundings while on a workout, 12 hours battery life, 4GB storage. It then inherits some capabilities from the WS610 which WS410 lacks, which is connecting to Bluetooth devices. Hence, WS620 is able to enjoy music either from internal storage or from Bluetooth-connected audio devices. The new WS620 can also support FLAC files.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

Looking at my previous review notes on the WS413, the WS623 appears to have improvements over the sound quality. Unlike the neutral tuning on the WS413, the WS623 sounds clear with sufficient details and brightness. The bass is firm and not boomy, certainly not going to please bassheads. When connecting over Bluetooth, there appears to be slight shift in the frequency response downwards. In Bluetooth mode, you can control the playback and volume with the respective buttons, as well as activating ambient mode.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

And for the first time, I wore earphones for a swim, and I am loving it! Instead of hearing the swishing and swashing of waters against my ears, I get to enjoy uninterrupted music. Granted, the audio quality is not as clear due to the additional film on the swimming eartips, which makes the audio less bright.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

The NW-WS623 puts some pressure against the ears to keep them from falling. As a result, it could cause discomfort to my ear canal bones after wearing for a while. Fortunately, the headset force enables me to place the earbuds just outside the ear canals loosely and continues to stay in place throughout my runs. The ambient mode does not create any excessive wind noise during runs, which is excellent.


The Sony NW-WS623 is the sum of 2 excellent Sony Walkman headsets. Like the WS413, I can wear it for swims in the pool or in the sea, with ambient mode to hear the surroundings, and 12-hour long battery life. Like the WS615, I can link to Bluetooth audio device to expand the music choices. Retails at S$199 at all Sony authorised retailers and Lazada.

WS413 or WS623? If you do not need the Bluetooth function and not particular about audio quality, then WS413 is better value.

WS615 or WS623? If you need larger 16GB storage space, like to EQ the tracks, do not swim in the sea, then go for WS615 which comes with a splashproof remote.

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  1. Hi. Great review. After reading your review I am still struggling choosing between the WS615 and WS625. I used to own W273. It worked so great and the design is really nice. I wanted to buy ws615 years ago but couldn’t find one in my country. But right now since Sony just released the new model, so it’s quite hard for me to choose between the two.

    The 615 body is really big which I don’t like, and I am not sure about its sound quality. I heard the sound is good in the reviews. It also comes with remote control ring which is handy while running. And since it has almost the same design to ws273, it might fit my ears comfortably.

    The 625 model has the exact design as WS413, slimmer which is good. But I feel like the material quality on 413 isn’t as good as w273 which I assum the 615 has better built quality. And I Don’t Like the sound of the 413 at all. The sound is quite poor if compare to 273. I wonder how is the sound of the 625 compare to the 413. I saw on Sony site, the 625 also comes with the ring control which is strange while everyone else said it doesn’t have one. The ring control isn’t a big deal for me anyway.

    Have you tried the WS615? I wonder how is the sound and comfortness of the 625 over 615? Thanks a lot.

  2. The sony mp3 player has its highs and lows. But more importantly it fulfils its role well. Most people seemingly confuse what it was designed to do – provide you with music on your run, wirelessly and without your phone. On this score it fulfils its role.
    Soundwise it is pretty decent. Although i discovered that with just a tad more pressure on the ear mounts the sound gets considerably better. This really is dependant on your expectations. I don’t expect audiophile quality from these products as they are designed for a specific purpose.
    The noise cancelling works pretty well although i dont see a necessity for it. I still do get a little ambient sound coming through. Additionally i would imagine the latter being rather disruptive towards the music. Button configuration may appear confusing at first but with time it gets better.
    The fit is very good. Theres absolutely no danger of it falling of or anything of the sort. It sits well and is very comfortable. However i have discovered some pain in my ear after 90 – 120 min usage. Pulling it out to relieve the pressure helps a little. I have switched tne earbuds to the smallest but it does not help much. But i figure 2 hour runs are sufficient anyway.
    The 4GB sufficient for some 500+ songs so it should keep you going for a while.
    I also found that the tightening band to be pointless as with the sweat buildup, it tends to slip making it useless.

  3. The bluetooth doesn’t work in windows 10. It doesn’t allow to connect with bluetooth if you want listen music form PC windows.

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