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Thanks to the digital revolution, the food industry has grown exponentially with the availability of food order and delivery via apps.

Personally, I am not a fan of food delivery because the food may lack freshness due to the time it takes from the kitchen to my dining table. But that does not stop consumers from making orders.

Years back, delivery services are limited to fast food and selected food establishments. Today, any hawker or restaurant food is deliverable, as long as they work with one of the few delivery companies.


One of the most successful new food delivery apps to come to Singapore is Deliveroo. This simple and user-friendly app for iOS and Android devices enables you to browse the clutter-free interface to pick and choose your desired meal.

Much like the Uber taxi-hailing app allows you to track the taxi that you ordered, the Deliveroo app performs the cool task of allowing you to track where the Deliveroo rider is with your food so that you know exactly how long you have before you enjoy your feast! The Deliveroo website makes it an easy option for ordering in freshly-prepared food to your door with minimum effort.


FoodPanda is one of the first food delivery apps to hit the nation, and its app design is the least attractive, without much changes since the last time I used it 2 years ago. In a need to claim back some of the ground lost to the likes of Deliveroo, it had to rely on some interesting marketing campaign, like this bizarre April Fool’s tricks.

But it remains popular thanks to its large list of restaurants, with a good mix of affordable selections for the frugal diners.


And finally, Uber has become of the best-loved taxi apps in Singapore, and so it’s been interesting to see how it’s tried to muscle in on the food delivery market with the UberEATS app.
I don’t like that I need to register before I can browse the selections, which are generally more exclusive and premium compared to the other delivery services. It does have a slight advantage of leveraging the good branding of Uber.

Which is the best?

For me, it comes down to the selection of food. Ultimately, the consumer is the winner, who could browse the apps conveniently to discover new eats without leaving the house. The delivery punctuality, food quality, and other experiences may differ due to so many factors beyond the control of the delivery companies. It does make sense to order types of food that could stay fresh throughout the delivery process.

Deliveroo service in Singapore review by

Having said that, my most recent experience with Deliveroo was highly positive. My order promised a 30-minute delivery. In the end, it arrived within 18 minutes, much faster than me driving out to buy the food!

Truly appreciate the riders who go all out to deliver the timely promise laid down by the delivery companies.

Popular Food Delivery Apps in Singapore
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Popular Food Delivery Apps in Singapore
Which are the popular food delivery apps in Singapore? How good are they? In this article, I look at Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and UberEats.

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