Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by Lomography

Think art photography, and Lomography comes to mind. They did another kickstarter campaign, this time featuring a set of compact lenses.

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System pays homage to one of the fathers of photography — inventor of the first ever photographic optic lens, Charles Chevalier. A leading Parisian optician, Chevalier began designing lenses when he was little more than a teenager. In 1835, he designed a lens for Louis Daguerre’s Daguerreotype camera, and the two gave the world practical photography.

The latest system by Lomography consists of three interchangeable lenses, each of which can be attached to the lens base to shoot at a fixed focal length of f/3.5 at 35mm, f/2.8 at 50mm or f/4 at 80mm. The lenses are compatible with Canon EF, Nikon F or Pentax K mount, and also usable with other cameras – like Sony, Fuji, Samsung – by using mount adapters.

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by Lomography

They already exceeded the funding by 5 times so all backers will receive a macro adapter and a beautiful leather lens pouch. Now they are gunning for the next stretch goal of US$650,000, and once hit, all backers will receive an additional six special aperture plates to go with the existing six.

UPDATE: Thanks to overwhelming response, Lomography will allow backers to add a fourth lens to the package. Top up US$249 (45% off planned retail price) to the pledge and backers will receive the Naiad 15mm f/3.8 ultra-wide angle lens.

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System_mounted on cameras

The lenses can switch through a range of apertures and use special drop-in aperture plates to achieve countless shooting styles and interesting bokeh. Lomography lenses have this unique artistic feel to elevate the image past the clinical perfection of modern lenses. It encourages complete creative freedom — whether capturing street, fashion, nature, portraiture or just the beautiful simplicity of everyday life.

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by Lomography - sample images
Images courtesy of Lomography

I can attest to that, because I have previously reviewed 2 other art lenses – the Petzval 58 and the Petzval 85. You can also read my 2 interviews with Lomography on the Petzval 85  and the Petzval 58 as I share my thoughts on shooting with full manual lenses.

The campaign ends on 7 June, Wednesday, 6pm GMT +8. Backers enjoy about 30% savings from retail price of US$990 for the original 3 lenses, plus 45% savings on the fourth new 15mm lens.

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System_mounted on cameras

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