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After several earphone model releases and a buy-over by Logitech, Jaybird has earned a solid reputation in the sports community, delivering respectable audio quality. After announcing the X3, it is finally available for Singapore market.

Jaybird X3 retail box details

Design and Accessories

With my previous review experience on the Jaybird X2 and the Jaybird Freedom wireless headsets, the X3 presents little surprises, but new users will need a little more introduction. Like previous models, the X3 comes loaded with ample accessories, like the various ear fins sizes to hold the earbuds firmly on the ears, numerous silicon eartips including three pairs of Comply Foam tips, cable clips to keep the units snug around the neck instead of dangling.

Jaybird X3 unboxing details

Although the in-line remote is larger than X2, the earbuds are slightly smaller which protrudes less than the predecessors, while retaining the battery life of 8 hours. Charging is done via attaching the small clip-on dock with micro-USB connector on the in-line remote. The included USB cable is rather short, but fortunately it is possible to plug other longer USB cables to the small dock for charging. While the dock is proprietary, this design reduces exposure of internal components and improves reliability, which was one of the major complaints of older models.

Jaybird X3 charging dock

Like the X2, you can wear the X3 with cables below the ears or around the ears. Due to the angled drivers, the earbuds orientation has to be swapped between the ears. On the X3, the channels can be swapped via the smartphone app.

Audio Compared to X2

Compared to the X2, the X3 is less treble-heavy, while the bass still sound as tight without excessively boomy. All these do not matter much because the X3 supports customised sound profiles just like Freedom, via the smartphone app, Jaybird MySound.

Jaybird MySound app

This is unique to Jaybird, allowing you to select audio tuning created by other Jaybird users, including a few sports personality who endorse the products. Through this app, you can appreciate the audio preferences of each individual user, adjust the frequency response to your liking, save them and share with other users.

Audio Compared to Freedom

Compared to the Freedom, the X3 is a lot bigger. Sound-wise, the X3 has slightly elevated bass while the treble is less precise, with a little messy sibilance when the highs get loud. I prefer the Freedom because sibilance cannot be easily tuned with equaliser adjustments. The Freedom is also a lot smaller at the earbuds, but the battery life suffers tremendously, plus you pay more for the petite design.

Jaybird X3 review by musicphotolife.com


The X3 remains secure on my ears during my runs, thanks to the ear fins. Like the X2, there is microphonics if the cables are rubbing on the apparel or skin. The X3 also picks up thumping footsteps as I run, though the sounds become less apparent when music is played loud.


Overall, the improvements on Jaybird X3 over the X2 makes it a good buy, especially a more reasonable retail price of S$215. It provides similar accessory packaging and supports MySound app to let you adjust the sound balance the way you love it. Its battery life is double the Freedom, though I prefer the size of the Freedom. With that, the X3 is better suited for listeners who need longer battery life, while the Freedom is a better product for the urban users or ladies who prefer a slimmer earbud silhouette.


  • Reasonable price
  • Customisable audio profiles


  • Treble is less refined compared to X2 and Freedom

Jaybird X3 retails for S$215 at good electronic and music stores in Singapore, with 1-year limited warranty:

  • 1st Mobile @ Tangs
  • Analogue+
  • Best Denki
  • Challenger
  • Courts
  • Gain City
  • Harvey Norman
  • iStudio
  • Lazada
  • Newstead
  • Nubox
  • Sprint-Cass @ Changi Airport
  • Stereo Electronics

2 colours are available: Blackout (Black and Silver), Sparta (White and Gold).

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