Lomography Colour Negative F²/400 35mm

Film is dead, as far as most people know. Fujifilm shifted to making cosmetics using the same philosophy of preventing aging (from film to skin).

Lomography thinks otherwise. In 2010, it rescued the very last master roll of 400 ASA film from some renowned Italian filmmakers, kept it in supreme condition. 7 years later, F²/400 is born. This 35mm color negative produces refined colors with a beautifully unique, X-Pro/Tungsten feel. In certain shooting conditions F²/400 produces shots with subtle blue overtones.

Lomography Colour Negative F²/400 35mm

I might not be using negatives any more, but film is definitely not dead, and I want to let people out there know that Lomography still supports the photographer-enthusiasts who still believes in the quality of analogue film. If vinyl records can be revived, so can film.

Limited quantities remain. After all, this is the final roll.


Lomography Color Negative F²/400 35mm

  • Single Roll – 9 SGD
  • 5 Roll Bundle – 40.50 SGD
  • 10 Roll Bundle – 76.50 SGD

Offers and Purchase Links

Lomography Color Negative F²/400 35mm 5 rolls — save 10%: https://shop.lomography.com/lomography-film-f2-400-5pack
Lomography Color Negative F²/400 35mm 10 rolls — save 15%: https://shop.lomography.com/lomography-film-f2-400-10-pack

Check the full line of Lomography films: https://shop.lomography.com/films/lomography-film

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Lomography Colour Negative F²/400 35mm

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