Nikon 100th Anniversary

Nikon celebrates 100th anniversary this year! Established in 1917 as Nippon Kogaku K.K., I started my SLR journey with Nikon from 1990s. Over the decades, Nikon has been generally conservative in their branding and positioning while Canon is perceived as more aggressive and popular, plus the latter has wider product lines which extends their brand influence.

Nikon D600 collage

Ultimately, there is no “best product”, as there will always be a better improved model over time. What matters is the ability for the user to adapt effectively and use the product to achieve the intended outcome. For that, Nikon has not failed me. Their product evolution has served me well and has helped me achieve my peak in photographic journey up to 2010.

Back then, I was doing mostly wedding day photography, and loved outdoor portraiture.

When the ISO quality improved, I started shooting more indoor available-light photography.

I also specialised in photo story and created visual story panels. Some stories that you must check out:

  2. Listen to the Light
  3. The Final Ember

I have seen how photography has changed the lives of individual and the community. In the early 2000s, photography is limited to people with actual skills and who carries huge DSLR and heavy lenses. The entry-level DSLRs, affordable to the budding shooters, offered slow frame-per-second and noisy high ISO. Over the years, the frame rate increased, the ISO quality improved tremendously, and better cameras are more affordable.

The development of better smartphone cameras and social platforms further drives the proliferation of image-creation, which ironically encouraged investment of quality photographic equipment by consumers who needed the extra edge. The significant improvement of blog shop photos shot by casual photographers is one evidence.

In 2010 onwards, I began to cut down on commercial jobs and has started on mirrorless system. Nikon launched the 1 series but did not go full steam. I had hoped Nikon develops better 1-series lenses so that I can downsize.

Fortunately, Nikon AW1 is a keeper, being the one and only waterproof, dustproof, shockproof mirrorless interchangeable camera. This is the only Nikon equipment left in my camera cabinet.

I still feel that mirrorless EVF camera can yet replace DSLR in terms of feel, but it’s getting close, though it seems Nikon has given up pursuing this path, while Canon decides to continue with the recent launch of EOS M5.

My current system is Samsung NX1, a convenient choice because I inherited a handful of Samsung lenses which are optically superior. Lucky for Samsung, they saved the best for last and the NX1 was totally fitting for semi-professional use.

Compact cameras and smartphone cameras allow convenience of image capture, but nothing beats a professional-grade camera that connects to you seamlessly to capture that beautiful moment.

Happy 100th Anniversary, Nikon.

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