Netflix is looking to grow its content even further in 2017 with brand new movies and series being exclusively produced and released just for Netflix subscribers. We’re also going to be seeing the return of some of the most popular Netflix Original series. This is arguably going to be Netflix’s biggest year yet, with the streaming service pumping out huge amounts of money to produce top quality TV that can’t be viewed anywhere else.

We’ve taken a look at everything we know coming to Netflix in 2017 and picked out the 5 we’re most looking forward to.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Out on 13th January, A Series of Unfortunate Events is the first anticipated show to hit Netflix in 2017. The show follows the Baudelaire children through a ‘series of unfortunate events’. No surprises there then. It’s a family show but still filled with black humor and witty puns.

The debut series will consist of 8 hour long episodes, with additional series expected pending audience feedback. If this can build upon the hugely entertaining yet fairly forgettable 2004 adaptation, it should be a cracker.

2. Ultimate Beastmaster

Netflix is entering the reality competition genre for the first time with Ultimate Beastmaster, set for release on 24th February. Seen as Netflix’s answer to Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Beastmaster raises the bar by getting Sylvester Stallone and The Biggest Loser’s creator David Broome in as executive producers.

Competitors from six countries, US, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Germany and Japan, compete to get the fastest time on the new obstacle course named ‘The Beast’ over 9 episodes. The winners from each episode will then go against each other to be crowned the ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’.

3. The Defenders

If you’re a fan of Marvel shows on Netflix, you’re in luck. Set for release in 2017 (expected late Summer), The Defenders will feature Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (she’s also getting his own Netflix series in 2017) teaming up to save New York City.

When we say teaming up, we don’t expect them to be one big happy family, we’re expecting a lot of conflicting ego’s which should be great to spectate. We can be sure they’re going to kick ass together though. While The Avengers movies had action is the main big selling point, The Defenders is expected to be much more about the drama and is likely going for a more mature and darker atmosphere.

4. The Punisher

We’ve got another Marvel series, albeit with a slightly different atmosphere with The Punisher. After the massive success of Daredevil Season 2, largely due to Jon Bernthal’s (The Walking Dead) show stealing performance as vigilante Frank Castle, it was no real surprise that he’d get his own show. For those unfamiliar with The Punisher storyline, Frank Castle otherwise known as ‘The Punisher’ searches for vengeance after the brutal murder of his family. We recommend the kids avoid this one.

There’s currently no official release date for The Punisher but we’re expecting some time around October. Marvel’s Iron Fist has already been announced for release in March, so we’re expecting The Punisher to follow the same timeline as Marvel’s Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (released 30th September and 20th November respectively).

5. War Machine

War Machine’s our only movie on the list and is the most unknown of the lot but is arguably the most anticipated of them all. Starring Brad Pitt, War Machine is an American comedy war film based on the factual book The Operators. Pitt plays Stanley McChrystal, a commanding general of U.S. forces in the Afghanistan war whose team was known for frowned upon partying and their controversial bashing of the Obama administration.

War Machine has no set release date, all we know is it’s coming out in 2017. It’s rumored Netflix paid more for War Machine than their current $60 million budget so it would seem they’re expected big things. Brad Pitt is leading it after all.


This article was written by Nick Patrick. He is the owner and a writer at Stream Sidekick, a site focused on helping everyone make the most of online streaming services. It’s time to cut the cord.

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