One year ago, when FA first reached out to me to review their earphones, they let in that they were planning on a wireless headset model to meet the needs of modern consumer. Fortunately, 1 year is all they took to bring such product to fruition, more so when Apple’s new iPhone does not have an audio pack, plus rumours of the next Samsung Galaxy S8 might not have it too.

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Fischer Audio First Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

FA puts audio quality first, which is why they resisted creating wireless audio products. But consumer trends are telling, and so Omega Infinity is born. Branded under the same Omega series as the previous 3 earphones, FA makes a brilliant move of pricing it are just S$128.

Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by

The over-ear cable loop is now fix-moulded which cannot be re-shaped unlike the previous Omega earphones. FA receives feedback that the target consumers find it hard to wear them. The fixed mould does improve wearability, as all I have to do is to fit the earbuds into the correct ear and then the wires will naturally get behind the ears. The cables do not stay snugly behind the ears but I get around it by tighten the cables behind my head using the provided cable accessory. It is a little silicone nib that is amazingly secure yet at the same time easily adjustable by squeezing it.

Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by

The added feature to the Omega Infinity is magnet that clips both earbuds together around the neck. With the pre-shaped over-ear cable, it sort of sticks out, but at least it keeps the earbuds secure around the neck, something that I appreciate to let me hang the Omega Infinity around my neck the entire day.

The in-line buttons look unusually large, compared to other FA models like the recent Totem series. The buttons are also very stiff and need to press really hard to register the click.

Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by


Fischer Audio took an unusual approach to the tuning of the Omega Infinity by boosting the mid-treble around 4 KHz, which gives vocals more chesty, and overall less sparkling sound. This frequency range is also the most sensitive to the human ear, so there is a risk that some listeners might perceive the Omega Infinity as “noisy”. I initially could not get used to this sound, but after a few minutes, my ears (and my brain) compensated.

The bass, depends on how much seal you get from the silicon tips, is fat, cushy and gives good support to your tracks. It might lack the musicality but if you wear these for workouts, you would appreciate the kick rhythms than the bass line.

The Bluetooth wireless protocol is BT 4.1 and supports apt-X, hence the audio quality is devoid of compression artifacts. However, the audio breaks up when I put my audio device in my pocket, though it is not uncommon for manufacturers with little or no experience in wireless audio implementation. For that, at least FA got the audio quality right.

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Workout Experience

Wearing it for a run, the Omega Infinity stays on my ears but with slight tendency to gradually slip out and lose the seal, because the over-ear cable is not adjustable. To prevent excess cable from moving behind the head, use the included clip to tighten it against the back of the head for best results.

Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by


With 9 hours of usage, you will enjoy the freedom from frequent charging. But when battery runs low, there will be audible beeps in every few minutes, and within 15 minutes, the headset will go dead. I would prefer they give ample warning, say about 10% or 1 hour remaining usage, to allow ample time for me to enjoy my last listening session during commute before charging. The micro-USB charging port rubber cap which is fixed at one end almost gets in the way of the connector.


Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by

For a first-attempt, FA has developed a compelling product thanks to its competitive pricing backed by good brand name. The Omega Infinity will delight listeners who enjoy bigger presence in vocals balanced by strong bass and tamed high-treble. Available at retail stores in Singapore at S$128 and conveniently at all online stores, like Stereo, Lazada.

Fischer Audio Omega Infinity review by

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