One year ago, Fischer Audio introduced me the Dubliz earphones, which impressed my wife. This year, Fischer Audio releases another new Dubliz earphones and calls it Dubliz Enhanced, in every sense of the word.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by

Here’s what have been enhanced:

Accessories – 4 sets of silicone tips, 1 set of double-flange tips, 1 set of foam tips, a roomy hard case, 2 sets of audio cables, 1 shirt clip.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by

Swappable cables – the cables are swappable, and the package includes one with mic and another without. The cable connectors are proprietary.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by

Driver module – slightly longer than the previous generation, and now with L-R marker to prevent confusion.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by
Compared previous Dubliz and new Dubliz Enhanced.

The cable insulator material remains unchanged, which is glossy and encourages microphonics (cable rub noise to the ears).

After reviewing so many wireless Bluetooth headphones, going back to wired offers renewed awareness. Once again, I find the Dubliz Enhanced amazingly enjoyable but in a different way from the previous version.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by

Firstly, the Dubliz Enhanced has a stronger bass response. Not mega bass type of strong, but it is more prominent which works great for listeners who prefer just a little more bass presence, where the aftertone boom just lingers a little for added volume. This tuning works great for instrumental or Classical genres.

Similarly, the treble characteristics is altered from the previous Dubliz, with the mid-treble toned down to reduce the slight chesty sound from vocals, at the same time making percussions sound crispier. The drawback is that the treble sound somewhat clinical, losing that live feel, as experienced in the studio recording of Guns N Roses Sweet Child O Mine, where the tom-tom drum lacks the spatial echo. Sibilance is well controlled, so I won’t hear shrill of the saxophone ringing in my ears.

I believe more people will enjoy the enhanced Dubliz, precisely because it does not sound so raw and forward like the previous Dubliz. In addition, thanks to the DDT – dual-diaphragm transducer drivers – the audio delivery of the lows and highs is achieved without compromising one another. Trained listeners will be able to feel that the music is produced with dual drivers, as the low response does not bleed to the highs, and vice versa. There are no lack of audio details if you open your ears, thanks also to the slightly wider soundstaging to offer distinctive layers of audio enjoyment.

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When switching the earbuds to the dual-flange or the foam ones, I find the treble loses some definition at the upper frequencies. This is because the inside diameter of these buds are larger.

Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced review by


The latest Dubliz Enhanced FE-511 is an enjoyable pair of earphones, delivering prominent bass and articulated treble. The delivery is detailed, disciplined, and dynamic. I like the ability to swap the cables, the major point of failure in earphones, and the package includes both in-line mic and normal. The new tuning should appeal to listeners who enjoy a good (not too heavy) bass and cleaner (not too chesty) vocals and precise (not too bright) highs.

Retailing at S$138 in Singapore, the new Dubliz Enhanced is at the same price point as previous Dubliz with in-line mic, making this new enhanced Dubliz a great value.

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  • Distinctive bass and treble delivery without distortion
  • Swappable audio cables ensures extended useful life
  • Generous accessories
  • Recommended for Classical, Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic genres to bring out the joy of bass. Other genres work great too if you don’t mind the bass-heavy delivery.


  • Bass is a little prominent for listeners who prefer a more neutral sound
  • Cable rub sounds


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