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After my positive review of the MDR-XB50BS, Sony passed me the MDR-XB70BT. These sports headphones, together with the NW-WS413 and BTR1 Smart B-Trainer that I reviewed a while back, are all on Sony Singapore 2016 year-end promotion.

Sony MDR-XB70BT review by

Back to the MDR-XB70BT, this neckband-style headphones uses flexible silicone band instead of the rigid ones found on SBH70, SBH80 and the LG Tone series. This benefits in storage, but I find that the flexible nature results in the usual cord slippage of wearing normal wireless headsets around the neck to one side, although the slippage does not result in the XB70BT falling off the neck.

Sony MDR-XB70BT review by

This is also partially due to the extra long “last-mile” thin cord linking to the earbuds. The cord is so long, it almost reaches to my waist.

Sony MDR-XB70BT review by

The 3 operating buttons and micro USB charging port are located on the left of the 2 unusually long plastic modules. The right module appears to house the Bluetooth and NFC chips. To change tracks, press and hold the volume buttons.

Passive noise isolation is good. With the bass biased tuning, you are sonically isolated without effort. My impression is the the XB70BT has a slightly more prominent bass feel than the XB50BS, and my guess is due to the better earbud isolation. Similar to the XB50BS, the XB70BT bass delivers warm full punches yet not too forceful, which goes easy on my ears. Vocals lack the sparkle unless the mix is already brightened, but sibilance and percussions remain adequately clear.

Sony MDR-XB70BT review by

The XB70BT earbuds are very light, so even without ear stabilizers, they do not fall off during runs. Battery life is rated 9 hours, one of the longest in the market. Now you know why the 2 ends of the neckband is so big.

With retail price of S$149, it is S$30 premium over the XB50BS. Design-wise, I would refer XB70BT. If you need an even better fit, I would recommend the XB80BS (review here).

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