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I usually shun away from “extra bass” headphones because I don’t like headphones with big fat bass. But having come across a lot of feedback from readers who loves wireless headphones with heavy bass, I am now looking out for such products to share my opinions.

Sony MDR-XB50BS review by

The Sony MDR-XB50BS is a wireless earphones designed for sports. The bulk of the device lie on the ear, supported by the removable stabilizer fins. There are 3 sizes to choose from to ensure you get the best fit.

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All the hardware are located at the right side of the earbud instead of in-line. There is the power-playback-call button and the volume-track buttons, the mic, and the USB with plastic cover. The headset is rated to be water resistant up to IPX4, which is good for moisture from sweat and rain.

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The XB50BS does not look pretty nor compact, so you would probably only use it for runs and sports. The overall rugged design made of semi-rigid plastic is easy to maintain, though it will easily show signs of wear over time.

When fitted with the right stabilizer fin size, the earbuds did not fall out throughout the run, although they do feel like they could pop out anytime. Wearers with weak ear cartilages might want to look elsewhere.

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I have always trusted Sony earphone products for their consumer-grade audio signature. Its bass is deep, full and comfortably heavy. Yet the treble remains sufficiently clear without sounding veil or too airy. Instrumental music sounds clear enough, good news for fitness buffs who like Classical genre. The XB50BS is tuned for use during active workouts, delivering heart-thumping bass and balanced highs that allows the listener to enjoy at high volumes without ear fatigue.

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Final Words

The MDR-XB50BS retails at S$119, making it a really great buy for the active lifestyle users but do not mind the bulky design. I like that the bass is full yet it does not veil the highs. Available at all good electronic retail outlets in Singapore and online stores like Lazada.

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  1. Overall, I am very pleased with my first wireless headset. Sound, comfort, all good. However, i have an issue with the volume button. It came out a couple of times and finally it was lost. i had no issue rplacing the set but my new set has the same issue. Is this a common problem with this model?

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