Mixcder ShareMe 5 unboxing - review by musicphotolife.com

Mixcder has become a regular for providing review units for me to share my opinions. Previously I reviewed the Flyto In-Ear Sports Wireless Earphones, which produces clear audio but lacks any bass feel. This time round, Mixcder asked me once again to choose one of their ShareMe series headphones from their website to review.

It was actually a tough choice to pick one. The specs look so similar, but I eventually selected ShareMe 5 because of the design.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 unboxing - review by musicphotolife.com

The actual product looks exactly like the photo, but I was expecting the plastic material to be more dense. The overall product feels fragile and creaky, the hinges that fold the headphones are made of molded plastic with stainless steel support on the extendable headband. The pads above the headband and at the ears are made of synthetic leather, which builds up heat when worn long, but are good in noise isolation. The only area that exudes premium is the round headphone backs which are made of brushed aluminium.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 side view - review by musicphotolife.com

The standard playback controls are found towards the bottom of the right speaker, like the power buttons and volume which doubles as next-previous track.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 buttons - review by musicphotolife.com

The USB charging port and the 3.5mm port is located at the left, the latter allows you to enjoy audio without power.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 connectors - review by musicphotolife.com

Audio Split Technology

The ShareMe series support multiple connecting 2 headphones to share audio. Since I do not have another ShareMe headphones, I was not able to try that. Theoertically, you can pair another ShareMe headphones to the primary ShareMe headphones and enjoy the same audio concurrently.

Audio Quality

The ShareMe 5 produces audio that is bloated at the mids which muffled up the treble. I liked it better when I applied EQ to tune down 125 – 1000 Hz. With that, the treble becomes clearer and the bass more prominent and less muddy. It goes to show that the speaker drivers are inherently capable of producing good audio range, given the right tuning. Noteworthy specs:

  • 40mm speaker diameter
  • 20 – 20000 Hz
  • 32 ohms
  • 20mW power
  • Bluetooth 4.1+ EDR
  • Supports voice calls with mic

Mixcder ShareMe 5 side view - review by musicphotolife.com

I passed the headphones to a colleague and he actually prefers the original tuning compared to my EQ version when listening to vocal tracks, while he prefers my tuning for instrumentals. This again affirms my belief that different people have different listening taste.

I do find that the headphones are more susceptible to Bluetooth interference. When I connected multiple Bluetooth devices, the audio streaming would trip up. Fortunately, you can still enjoy music when connecting directly from the music player to the headphones after the battery goes flat. Powering up the headphones while listening with wires does not change the sound. The ShareMe 5 is rated to offer 14 hours of play time with 400 mAh lithium battery that charges in 2 hours.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 audio rating by musicphotolife.com


The Mixcder ShareMe 5 is a good looking foldable compact headphones with heavy mids, suited for listeners who favour a warmer-sounding output and less piercing highs. Even if you find the headphones bloated, a simple reduction of the mids will transform the headphones to something quite enjoyable.

Mixcder ShareMe 5 folded - review by musicphotolife.com

Purchase Mixcder ShareMe 5 via the website: http://www.mixcder.com/mixcderr-shareme-5.html.

Official Mixcder YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/c/MixcderElectronics

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