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Samsung Singapore has announced that they will offer the following remedy actions for customers holding to their Galaxy Note7. This latest update on 18 Oct appears to have covered all aspects.

  1. Exchange for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and receive S$250 cheque. No other phone models will be available for exchange. This value is higher than the difference of RRP.
  2. Return the Note7 to receive a full refund of S$1168 in cheque. This is regardless of the actual purchase price made by the owner.

All telco contracts shall continue. There is no option to terminate the contract during the refund process.

Airline carriers have banned Note7 on all flights, so if you need to travel by flight, get a courtesy device from the Samsung Customer Service Centre at Westgate or the Samsung Experience Store at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (departure/transit lounge).

Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales display shelf

Customers who purchased Samsung Concierge service will have their service restart from the day they collect the S7 edge, or if they choose to refund, they will also receive the full refund value of the Samsung Concierge.

Customers who purchased the following original Note7 accessories will also receive the full refund of the RRP:

  • Galaxy Note7 S View Standing Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 Clear View Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 LED View Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 Leather Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 Clear Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover
  • Galaxy Note7 Back Pack

Beginning 26 October 2016 till 6 Nov 2016, Galaxy Note7 customers can visit to select their preference for exchange or refund, and provide their details for a free home delivery. The free home delivery will be offered to all customers regardless of their choice to exchange or refund. Customers will receive a cheque for the amount due to them, depending on their selection of the exchange or refund option, in exchange for the Galaxy Note7 device to be returned.

Similar to the Note7 Exchange incident, there is no need to show receipt, and regardless of the condition of the device. There is also no need to return in complete set.

After this recall, any unreturned Samsung Note7 will not receive warranty support or software updates. You can safely say that the product has come to an end.

If customers need more information and assistance, they should call 1800-SAMSUNG (726 7864).

I will update this post when more details are released by Samsung Singapore.


Samsung has earlier announced that they will stop production and sales of Galaxy Note7 worldwide.

This incident is a grave reminder that devices with large battery capacity are potential time bombs that may cause fires or damage to property. Hopefully, consumers will be more aware and not buy chargers or batteries that are too cheap to be true.

Would you go for exchange or refund?

Article Name
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Refund for Singapore customers
Samsung Singapore announces that Note7 customers will be able to exchange for another Samsung device or receive full refund. More details soon.

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