GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun wireless mini speaker in grey case

GoldTouch Asia is one of the leading providers for customised gold plating solution in Southeast Asia. They also have years of experience in manufacturing audio products. So this year they decided to combine the expertise of 2 seemingly unrelated product segments to create a new line of audio products that are gold-plated.

With me for review are the Leprechaun and the Goliath. As the names suggest, the Leprechaun speaker is small, real small, while the Goliath is table-size, slightly larger than the Bose Soundlink Mini.

GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun and Goliath wireless speakers

Leprechaun Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker

The Leprechaun speaker looks and feels well built. The exterior is brush plated to perfection, the bottom covered with rubber to sit firmly on most surfaces, while the top reveals the speaker diaphragm, without grille, recessed below the bezel. To keep the connector to its minimum, the 3.5mm audio port doubles as the USB charger. It felt lighter than I had imagined. During operation, the blue LED in front blinks regularly. When no devices are connected, the LED blinks slower.

GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun wireless mini speaker

In terms of audio quality, the Leprechaun certainly lacks the bass response, like all other mini speakers. The 2-4kHz frequency is too jarring. Once I adjusted down the frequency bands using EQ, the speaker sounded much more listenable. At high volumes, the speakers handle the pressure rather well.

GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun wireless mini speaker top view

The Leprechaun has a rated battery life of 6 hours, but all depends on the volume level. If you needed longer battery life, you can use it while charging, but since the charging port and audio port is same, you can only use the Bluetooth audio while charging. Sounds like the iPhone 7 situation, ya. The speaker does not auto shutdown, which may be a good thing because many times you wanted the speaker to be ready for audio streaming instead of suddenly going offline when you needed it. A little annoyance is that the voice prompts “Hello” when powering up, and “Goodbye” when powering down, albeit a pleasant female voice.

GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun wireless mini speaker

In my opinion, the Leprechaun is the most attractive mini speakers I have reviewed. It looks like a golden ingot with a plush grey hard case to go. The speaker does not deliver accurate audio for the keen-eared but it is a brilliant gift for the smartphone goers who need a classy boost to the feeble smartphone audio without adding weight to the bag. On the whole, I give it a 4-star rating for its overall product value. If your destiny is to surround with gold, then don’t miss this gold-plated wireless speaker.

GoldTouch Asia Leprechaun wireless mini speaker unboxing

Retails at S$99, the mini speaker is available from GoldTouch Asia website and selected (and growing) retail outlets in Singapore as well as Lazada. Visit the Facebook page for enquiry.

Leprechaun Specs

Material: Graded Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Plating: Gold Brush Plated
Battery type: Lithium
Frequency range:60Hz-20000Hz
Battery Capacity: up to 6hours
Input voltage: DC5V/500mA
SNR: 80dB
Out power: 3W *2
Bluetooth Version: CSR 4. 0
Distance: up to 10m

Official product website:

GTA Gold-Plated Leprechaun Mini Speaker audio rating

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