GearBest Promotion Aug 2016

GearBest, my favourite online electronics store, sent me their latest promotion, compiled from their bestselling items in August. I browsed through the list and found the following personal favourites to share with you.

GearBest Promotion Aug 2016

Pokemon Balls US$1.72

Gotta catch the craze! This plastic container measures 7cm and lets you store your Pokemon toys or other mini treasures. For your info, some hobby shops in Singapore are selling it for S$10.

6-in-1 Pocket Knife US$0.86

I have always wanted to get this. So convenient, so compact, so CHEAP! Wear it together with your keys.

Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones

I bought this months ago, and remains one of my favourite earphones. It’s hybrid because there are 2 drivers: the conventional dynamic driver powers the deep bass, the balanced armature driver delivers clear detailed treble. Read my review.

Mosquito Killer Night Light US$2.71

Kill 2 tasks with one device. It eliminates bugs and emits light to ease the children who are afraid of the dark.

Flying Toy US$0.39

I bought this months ago. So cheap, just buy and give away as door gifts.

Toilet bowl light US$5.89

With this, you will be able to see your produce clearly, and judge whether they are healthy or whether you needed a visit to the docs.

Android Endoscope US$8.62

Another item in my wishlist for months. It will be really useful but I have not thought of a need to poke around sewerage pipes other than wanting to challenge my stomach power.


So here’s my list of recommended cheap buys. Enjoy shopping and don’t wait for too long to check out the purchase because offer prices are for a limited period only!

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