fynd - phone repair at your doorstep

fynd logoMy colleague broke her smartphone display last week, and I took the opportunity to grab a photo moment. Always fascinated with the crack lines, such random beauty that is never the same with each destruction.

She had to go about her entire day without a working iPhone, till evening time when she went around her neighbourhood and found a repair shop and repaired the display for S$190.

Cracked iPhone

Then I came across this company called fynd, a Singapore startup, who offers a service like Uber, where it matches the smartphone and tablet repair requests with the pool of service personnel, and then arranges to their doorstep to get it repaired.

I did a quick online quotation and it came up to be S$236, just $36 more than my colleague quote. And she told me that was a very low quote already for many other shops quoted around S$240. Hence I conclude that Fynd truly offers a pretty good deal.

Fynd has just completed a round of funding led by Far East Ventures, the venture capital arm of Far East Organisation. Currently operating in Singapore and Hong Kong, this new funding will allow them to expand to other Southeast Asian countries.

fynd - phone repair at your doorstep

To celebrate this milestone, Fynd is offering a promotional code FYND2016 that entitles every customer to a $16 discount off any repair from now till October 2016.

Visit http://www.getfynd.com (Singapore) or http://www.getfynd.com.hk (Hong Kong) to get your no-obligation online quote. It certainly beats going all around the island to look for repair service.


I write this blog without sponsorship from fynd, because I support Singapore innovation and will share if I find relevance to my readers.

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Get your smartphone or tablet repaired on-site for a competitive fee. Fynd matches your repair requirements to a pool of specialists.