Alpha & Delta D2M earphones review by

Alpha & Delta D2M earphones review by

Alpha & Delta is an in-house brand since 2015 by local company Lend Me UR Ears who specialises in China-branded audio headphones. They have a retail store in Singapore and also carries several other brands like Fischer Audio. The D2 series is a low-cost earphones designed in Singapore with IPX4 sweat resistant rating. The D2 is the non-mic version while the D2M has an in-line mic and music controls. I was provided with the D2M for review. Other than the in-line mic and the 3.5mm plug, there are no difference in the driver specs.

Design and Packaging

The surprising thing about the D2M is that it comes loaded with generous accessories.
– hard case
– 6 pairs of silicon ear gels
– 2 pairs of foam ear gels
– 1 shirt clip

Alpha & Delta D2M earphones review by

The interesting feature about the D2M is that it uses analog slide volume. The advantage is that you can adjust the volume in fine tunings. The disadvantage is that the component is more prone to wear which results in audio degradation when adjusting volume.

The D2 and D2M are designed to wear behind the ears. This often prevents the earphones from falling out from the ears due to accidental tugs during workouts. I am not a fan of wearing earphones behind the ears, but the D2M careful design makes them surprisingly easy to wear and fit into my ear canals. The mould is inspired by custom in-ear monitor (IEM) headphones and does not stick out like the normal cylindrical design. You can even wear them to sleep. Also, the cable behind the ears has a thin transparent plastic tubing which give a bit of support and shape without feeling too stiff. The cable material is a little stiffer than normal earphones cables, thus making it less likely to get tangled in a bunch.

Audio Quality

Going into the audio of the D2M, it is tuned with distinct warm-bodied bass, subtly clear treble and recessed mids. Meticulous listeners will not get the satisfaction of instrument separation or wide sound staging.  Nonetheless, the D2M is easily enjoyed as on-the-go earphones. When I tweak with the equalizer by boosting the high-bass/low-mids and high-treble, I get a more exciting and sweeter sound balance.

Alpha & Delta D2M earphones audio rating by


I took the D2M for a run and they never fell off throughout the session. The cable tightener holds the wires from the ears to the neck so that the wires do not swing around. The cable rub sound (microphonics) is quite soft.

Alpha & Delta D2M earphones review by


You can trust a small company that dedicates their business in audio headphones. They are hands-on in developing their products to meet specialised customers needs.  The Alpha & Delta D2 retails at S$35 and D2M at S$40, available online. They offer great comfort and value to consumers with active lifestyle and who enjoys tamer and warmer sound.

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