Ulefone GW01 by musicphotolife.com

Ulefone GW01 by musicphotolife.com

Here’s another product that GearBest asked me to share to my readers. The Ulefone GW01 is a round face smartwatch with heartrate sensor – but that’s not all. It also has a body temperature sensor!

I studied the specs on the GearBest website as well as the embedded YouTube video, and found that the user interface bears resemblance to the Haier G6 I reviewed a while back, apart from a few feature differences, like different watch faces, displaying of menu items in the likes of Samsung Gear S2, and additional functions like ECG, UV, body temperature. Comparing to the Haier G6, the Ulefone GW01 has a more conventional look of a watch, and the watch face display is completely round.

Between the 2, I would certainly get the Ulefone GW01, though it costs US$8 more. Check out my review of the Haier G6 and decide for yourself.

The Ulefone GW01 sells forĀ US$54.99, and comes in 3 colour choices: black, silver or gold. Click the image which will redirect you to the GearBest page.

Ulefone GW01 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch



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