Sony MDR-EX750BT Review: h.ear in Wireless Headset

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

After I returned the WS413 Walkman headset, Sony wasted no time to pass me another wireless headset for review. Together with the MDR-EX750BT “h.ear in” wireless headset, Sony also provided¬†the NW-A26HN Hi-Res Walkman for review.

The EX750BT (not to be confused with EX750NA which is a wired earphones with noise-cancelling, or the EX750AP which is a wired earphones with in-line mic) is a thick neckband with thin cables leading to the 2 earbuds. Similar to the SBH70 and SBH80, it’s a design that really works well for me. Such neckband headsets allows me to wear them around my neck the entire day, and unlike conventional wireless headset, I can choose to wear just one earbuds and the headset does not slip off towards the other earbud. Unlike the SBH-series, the EX750BT does not vibrate for incoming calls.

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

I like that the EX750BT looks like a simple U-shaped tube without any outlandish shape and form like the previous models. I also liked that there are only 3 hardware buttons to navigate. The buttons are positioned to face your neck, such that when you reach for them with your left hand, your index finger naturally touches them without twisting your wrist.

Another thing I love about the EX750BT is that it comes with a USB-to-3.5mm cable. This is probably the first in-ear headphones I have seen that has wired option, which allows you to enjoy Hi-Res audio on the EX750BT. Upon plugging in, the headset power will be turned off and audio will be channeled directly. The 3 hardware buttons and the mic will not work.

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

There is also one other detail that Sony has put in: a cable management clip that snaps both earbud cables together so that they do not dangle all over the place when you wear it. And like all Sony wireless products, you can pair using NFC.

I tried wearing it for a run, and while it wasn’t uncomfortable, I felt that the neckband jiggles and did not rest firmly on my shoulder, unlike other models like the LG TONE models. Still, if you only have one set of headsets, it seems perfectly fine to use it for runs, especially when there isn’t much foot thumping sounds. There was no mention about any water resistance rating, but a little sweat won’t kill it, since there are no exposed components.

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

Using wireless, the audio quality is slightly better than the WS413. There is a little more sonic details in the mids, the treble is a notch more defined but still not too bright. Similarly, the bass has a little more kick yet not too boomy, though I find it a little hard. Upper-mids Рparticularly sibilance Рis a little overpowering. At loud volumes, the tracks might sound crowded due to the small 9mm speaker driver, unlike the WS413 where loud volumes are still enjoyable. I reckon the EX750BT is not ideal to be listened at high volumes. Listening to acoustic tracks at moderate volumes is bliss.

Using wired, the treble is more refined, the sibilance is better controlled, and the audio is less cluttered.

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

The EX750BT gives me about 4 days of standby as I wore it throughout my work days as handsfree headset. It can last 7.5 hours of continuous audio listening. There is no means to check battery life, and the “battery low” voice prompt is only heard when the battery is in its final moments.

Sony MDR-EX750BT review by musicphotolife.com

Retailing for S$279, the MDR-EX750BT is a very comfortable headset to use. I wear it the entire day without realising. It does not slip out like normal wired headsets. The earbuds are so light, you can move your head around without feeling the tug of the cables. Available colours: red, pink, lime, blue, black.

Product website and specs: http://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/in-ear-headphones/mdr-ex750bt

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