AVerTV Mobile 510: TV Tuner Review

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

Ever fancy watching free-to-air TV channels on your smartphone but do not want to incur any data streaming costs? This product might just be the one for you and your family.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

This product by AVerMedia is essentially a digital TV tuner (DVB-T2) that plugs into your Android micro USB port. Just install the free Android app, go through the initial set-up to scan for channels, and you’re ready to go. You can install the free app on multiple devices and plug the Mobile 510 on them to watch TV.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

The app lists the channels and the program titles. The included EPG (electronic program guide) lets you browse the upcoming shows. Being a digital tuner, the content is HD quality, streams instantly without lag, and does not have the analog interference. Most importantly, there is no need to connect to the Internet, nor is there quality dependency on available data bandwidth.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

When reception is poor, the video would break up in pixels. Fortunately, the hardware gives priority to audio, so you can still hear the content smoothly without any pops and clicks in the unfortunate event of poor reception. That probably explains why at times the video and audio do not appear to be in sync.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

There is also additional antenna extender to boost the signal. While it is meant for home use, the extended antenna is so lightweight that you could bring it out, as long as you don’t mind the stares. Bring this anywhere around the globe and you can watch their local free-to-air digital broadcast without paying for any data charges.

You can also record the TV show as you are watching. Recorded shows are saved in DVB format (.TS) which can be easily played back using third party apps like MX Player.

A few limitations exists on this inexpensive hardware. First, you cannot schedule recording in advance. You also cannot watch another channel while recording. Finally, the quality of the streaming depends on the reception.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com


I reckon not many people would actually think of getting a digital receiver to watch free-to-air programs in Singapore when there are much more exciting content from online streaming providers like Netflix. But for budget-consious consumers who prefer not to drain their free data units on video streaming and who enjoys local TV programs, the AVerTV Mobile 510 is their saviour. It is easy to operate, costs only S$70 and available from Lazada as well as selected electronic stores.

Get one for the elderly in your house who owns an Android smartphone or tablet but limited data plan, allowing them to enjoy local shows everywhere they go. No more excuse to stay at home just because they do not want to miss their favourite TV programmes.

AverTV Mobile 510 review by musicphotolife.com

Product website: http://www.avermedia.com/tv_more/product/tv/avertv_mobile_510

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