Nikon AW1 review by

Nikon AW1 review by

2 years after I published my review of the Nikon AW1, I recently bought one off the resale market. I thought Nikon would release an updated model one year after its launch, but after yet another year of waiting, I reckon Nikon is not going to release a newer model. Currently still in-stock at a retail price of S$999, I found a relatively good condition copy at a third of the price.

3 reasons why Nikon AW1 is still worth buying after 2 years.

1. Mirrorless + Waterproof + Shockproof

Nikon AW1 is the only camera in the world with interchangeable lenses that is 100% waterproof up to 15 metres. In addition, it is also shockproof up to 2m, which simply means the camera can be handled by anyone – even infants – without fear of damage.

And since it is waterproof, I can give it a wash after a grimy outing.

2. Best optics and performance for a waterproof camera

I dare say that Nikon AW1 offers the best optics for a waterproof camera without special underwater casing. And because the optics and performance are so good, I also use it as a normal mirrorless camera above water. This baby fires 15 fps, and supports RAW! I love how I can also throw the camera into my bag without any need of protection. The AW1 is truly a low-maintenance camera.

3. Cheap

I found a unit for sale at a good price. In fact, the AW1 is so valued that it’s hard to find a resale unit. I’ll be on the lookout for cheap lenses to expand the 1 Nikon system, but would be prudent on making any big purchase since I have recently adopted the Samsung NX as my primary camera system, and I’m not a fan of shooting via the large preview screen, no thanks to deteriorating near-vision.


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