Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch

Last week, I caught up with the GearBest Marketing Manager and asked if there are any items that GearBest would like me to review. She offered this smartwatch by Haier.

Haier Iron Smart Watch
Haier Iron Smart Watch

After reviewing the spec, I find that the user interface is similar to the Zeblaze Crystal that I reviewed.

Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch
Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch


I requested if GearBest can propose other products, which they obliged much to my delight. The items are on their way, so meanwhile, I thought I would just do a shoutout on the smartwatches that I “rejected”, in case anyone is interested. And the reason I rejected to review the item is that the processor is identical, and so is the UI and most likely the overall user experience.

If you are looking for some affordable smartwatch from GearBest, make sure you identify the hardware processor. If it says “MTK2502”, then the user interface is similar to the Zeblaze Crystal that I reviewed, which means you should expect the same features, screens and user interactions.

Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch
MTK2502 user interface

Here is another gorgeous smartwatch running in MTK2502, the K88H, featuring a round display.

China smartphone makers tend to re-use one of the several standard UIs created by the hardware manufacturer. Some may include additional colour themes or watch faces, add or remove certain features (like camera, pedometer). One important thing to note: do not be impressed solely by the press images. They are mostly CGI, including the user interface, which usually does not appear that way in the actual product.

MTK2502 smart watches are one of the better OEM smartwatches I have reviewed so far. It works great with the latest Android phones, but still not so reliable on iOS. The quality of the display is spectacular, and the finishing is really good. Some of the pre-installed watch faces also look really nice. However, the underlying menu settings and interactions are not as sophisticated as the international brands UI (Android Wear, Pebble, etc.).

Leave your comments below if you need any advice or recommendations.


Article Name
MTK2502 Smart Watch
Smartwatches with MTK2502 chipsets have similar UI and features. Read my review of the Zeblaze Crystal to see how it generally works.


  1. I have the K88H Smart Watch and am quite impressed with it, given its low price. It connects well with my LG G Stylo smart phone and most features seem to work (weather app not very stable, and notifications seem to be hit and miss) but overall a good watch. Main complaint is the lack of Apps that would work on this watch and the lack of ability to speak into watch and have voice converted to text so that you can respond to texts with a real message and not just a pre-programmed one. Also, there seems to be no option for an interactive calendar that shows your appointments. Only shows date – day and month view.

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