GearBest Cyber Monday Sale: My Shopping List

GearBest Cyber Monday Sale

GearBest Cyber Monday Sale

Did you manage to order any good deals on the GearBest Black Friday promotion? All the crazy deals are totally gone, like the Xiaomi new hybrid earphones, which was out within minutes. The Darth Vader nano-block set is still available at US$1.99.

Anyway, GearBest is going to bring in some more items on offer from 30 Nov Monday 8am to 2 Dec Wed, so here’s your chance to redeem from the deals you’d wish you had grabbed them on Friday.

And since we are in the Star Wars craze period, here’s one novelty that fans may like: a Death Star ice cube maker!

And this… this is awesome! A portable car jump starter! It would have saved me a hassle if I had this last month when my car battery died!

Have you wanted to play with those remote control quadcopters? Here’s your chance to get one at just US$9.99! Item link here.

Here’s the link to the GearBest Cyber Monday Promotion


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