Enya Dark Sky Island CD Cover

Enya Dark Sky Island CD Cover

Enya, one of the most influential artists in my music career, has finally released a new album. Her last album, “And Winter Came”, was in an era when online music was not as prevalent, when compact discs were still immensely popular, when singles are easily available. Back then, it is rare to hear her speak or watch her interviews.

Now in 2015, Warner Music has created an online campaign to gear up for the launch. There are full-length lyrics videos in her just-created official YouTube channel, interviews of her speaking about her new album, updates on her official Facebook page.

Her first single to be released online, Echoes In Rain, was compared to Orinoco Flow in terms of creative inspiration, though I felt the song style was more like Anywhere Is. But that’s besides the point. I suppose the idea of this association is to hope that Echoes In Rain will achieve the same hype as Orinoco Flow. To this fan here, the former falls short. Nevertheless, I must give credit to her for composing such an infectious song, so catchy the tune that even my daughter could sing the song after one listen.

However, when I heard her second single released on YouTube, I loved it immediately. Although Enya has re-used her arrangement style through and through, I wouldn’t mind a bit. I even hoped secretly that she would create cover songs of some of my favourite tunes.

I must say that the music video ruined the song because visually, the instruments and human choir depicted are not used in the song at all. Enya uses her voice to layer all her backing vocals, and most of Enya’s tracks are created using synthesizers and samplers, though she does use live performers for some tracks. She also looked uncomfortable in the MV compared to her earlier MVs, but I must say she did not age a bit.

As Warner Music Singapore has officially stopped distributing CDs in Singapore, the only way to get her album is through downloads or by ordering online. Fortunately for me, I will be flying to Hong Kong for a vacation, so I really hope the music stores there will carry the album, particularly the Deluxe Album version which has 14 tracks. On top of that, I hope to spot her singles CD, if such a thing still exists in 2015.

Track listing:

1. The Humming
2. So I Could Find My Way
3. Even In The Shadows
4. The Forge Of Angels
5. Echoes In Rain
6. I Could Never Say Goodbye
7. Dark Sky Island
8. Sancta Maria
9. Astra Et Luna
10. The Loxian Gate
11. Diamonds On The Water

Deluxe album tracks:
12. Solace
13. Pale Grass Blue
14. Remember Your Smile

Thank you, Enya, for producing yet another album to give fans like me more of your signature ethereal music.

Your fan since 1989

Enya New Album
Article Name
Enya New Album
Enya's new album, Dark Sky Island, goes on sale on 20 Nov 2015. Here's a review of her song, So I Could Find My Way.

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