AiWatch GT08+

AiWatch GT08+

After making a few personal orders and blogging about them, found my site, and apparently determined that it is influential enough to contact me for collaboration. What they do is to ship me products so that I can try out and publish my reviews. I also get to keep them. Not sure if you would call this an “advertorial”, but technically speaking, there was no monetary benefits.

AiWatch GT08+

First up, AiWatch GT08+. It runs on identical OS UI as the ZGPax S28 that I bought last year, with minor tweaks. The watch design is clearly inspired by Apple Watch, with 2.5D glass to offer that extra style to the wearer.

I thought the ZGPax S28 was pretty cheap, but AiWatch GT08+ takes it to another level. For less than US$40, you are buying not just an Apple look-alike. You are actually getting these functions:

1. SIM-enabled 2G mobile network watch phone. Yes, you can practically wear your phone.

AiWatch GT08+
2. Music player with microSD card slot. Effectively, you have one of the smallest and most wearable MP3 player.
3. Camera that captures still and video in 0.3MP. Better than nothing, ya!

AiWatch GT08+
4. Bluetooth notification when paired with Android. Works perfectly with Android 4.4 and below, but I can’t get it to work consistently with Android 5.0. After researching tech forums, there seems to be no definite app that works. Some consumers find some apps works, while others don’t.
5. Hands-free speakerphone when paired with any Android or iPhone (apps not required). You can even retrieve missed calls and your phone book from the Watch and make calls.
6. Hands-free music streaming from Android or iPhone. Once paired, all audio is directed to the watch. Separate app not required.
7. Pedometer. A simple motion sensor to track the number of steps you took.
8. Sleep tracker, to track how well you sleep.
9. Alarm clock. Wear it to sleep and let it wake you up with vibration, so that your spouse would not be disturbed.

Besides all that, it is a watch with 3 preset watch faces. Sadly, you cannot customise or upload your own.

AiWatch GT08+

Still, it is pretty amazing how so much is squeezed into something so small.

Here’s a few diagram to summarise how you can connect AiWatch GT08+ to your smart devices or headset, with and without SIM.

AiWatch GT08+ features AiWatch GT08+ features AiWatch GT08+ features

This product is for you if:

1. You want to be notified of incoming calls, take calls, make calls via your watch. For notifications from Sms and other apps, Android 4.x is recommended.
2. You want a smartwatch without breaking the bank
3. You would like a watch, phone, and music player in one device, so you don’t have to carry a separate phone.

This product is NOT for you if:

1. You want a smartwatch that lets you install apps or change watch face like Android Wear.
2. You are using Android 5.0 smartphone or iPhone and want app notification.

AiWatch GT08+


CPU: MTK6260
SIM card slot: micro SIM, 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900
MicroSD card slot: Yes up to 32GB
Screen type: capacitive touchscreen
Display Resolution: 1.54 inch 240×240 pixels
Camera: 0.3MP
Microphone: Yes
Vibrate motor: Yes
FM radio: Yes (requires earphones connected as antenna)
Sensor type: Yes, G-sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Traditional Chinese
USB port: Micro USB port for earphones and charging
Battery: Removable 3.7V, 350mAh Li-ion
Size: 49 x 43 x 12mm
Weight: 63g
USB charger and wired headset not included.

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AiWatch GT08+
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    1. Hi, The S6 runs on Android 5.0 hence the smartwatch app will not be able to support notifications. However, it can still sync time, receive phone calls and SMS messages. The app can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code in one of the watch menu.

  1. How to install wechat apps in smart watch. I see the wechat Icon but it does not work. Currently the smart phone have a SIM card and 32 GB micro SD. Please help. Thanks

  2. How do you take the watch out of flight mode? Also, how do you change it out of company mode, which appears in the top right corner?

  3. Hello,
    I just got the GT08 device and can’t find the correct app to pair it with my iphone 6 also are you required to have a sims card in it? It keep saying unavaliable without SIMS. Let me know.

    1. Hi, there is no app to pair with iPhone. Just do Bluetooth pairing and the watch should receive incoming phone and SMS messages as notification. It can work without SIM card.

  4. when I put it on meeting so it will vibrate when calls come in it still rings what should I do to fix it?

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