Sony SRS-X33 wireless speaker

It has been a long while since I posted a digest. To come straight to the point, I have been busy with either work or family or product reviews. For the past 3 months, I was also migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress, trying out features to optimise the site. I was also involved in my cousin’s wedding as I helped in the photography, morning video highlights, and currently working on the photobook. On top of that, I was also producing songs to celebrate SG50 – songs that we are all familiar with. I have already released 2 songs, and this morning I published my third song, and over the next few weeks going to release a few more, after I find some nice photos to use for the music video. I aim to produce 6 tracks and when it is done, you can download (for free) and celebrate the occasion together with my music.


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Sony SRS-X33 wireless speaker

What’s coming:

– UE MEGABOOM speaker review
– Sony SRS-X33 speaker review
– Singapore Songs SG50 Piano Version complete album release
– Toyota car reviews
– Vacation photography tips
– and Contest giveaways!


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