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SG50 LogoWith less than a month to 9 Aug 2015, Singapore’s 50th National Day, the local music community is filled with songs specially produced for the occasion. And all of them are available for free download.


Here are a list of my favourite ones, in no particular order:


1. Sing, Love (5 songs)

Sing, Love is an online music album of 5 tracks produced by Red Roof Records, spearheaded by Ruth Ling, and presented by IMC Live Group. This album sees the collaboration of Singapore A-list composers and singers like Stephanie Sun, Jeremy Monteiro, Rani Singam, Nathan Hartono, Sezairi, Joanna Dong, Jimmy Ye, The Sam Willows, Corrinne May, Charlie Lim, T’ang Quartet, and ShiGGa Shay.

Visit the official website to listen, download and watch the songs.


2. The Gift of Song

One song was selected out of thousands of entries from a contest organised by Mediacorp and judged by Bernard Lim, Dick Lee, Georgina Chang, Jeremy Monteiro, Sydney Tan and Zakiah Halim. The winning song, These Are The Days, is performed by celebrity singers Alfred Sim, Farisha Ishak, Julie Tan, Shabir, Sufie Rashid, Tay Kewei, Lorong Boys, Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir.


3. Our Singapore

This is the official NDP2015 theme song written and performed by NDP2015 Creative Director Dick Lee.


4. Home by Homes

We can never get enough of the all-time favourite NDP song Home composed by Dick Lee. This year, StarHub
put this song together with the help of Singaporeans living in Elderly, Children’s and Special Needs Homes.


5. Singapore Songs on Piano (5 tracks)

Chester Tan, known for his award-winning Piano Spa series, has arranged a handful of favourite Singapore songs in piano and compiled into this online album. You wouldn’t imagine these songs reinterpreted in such romantic feel. Songs of love for Singapore indeed.

The full album can be downloaded here.

  1. Count on Me Singapore
  2. Stand Up For Singapore
  3. Di Tanjung Katong
  4. 小人物的心声
  5. 细水长流
  6. Condolence (A Tribute to LKY)


6. There’s No Place Like Home / 存在的意义

This song was published in 2014, and after receiving good reviews, songwriters Charlyn and Audris produced the Chinese version 存在的意义 for SG50.


7. As One

This song received some attention by Singapore MPs when online media reported that this song was not accepted as an entry to a contest for SG50 song. Nevertheless, it has the rousing elements of a pompous NDP song.


8. Waves of Tomorrow

This MV demonstrates the quality of Singapore songwriters and music-makers. The video has a list of credits of worthy mention. Who knows, you might find the next Singapore success story there.



9. You & Me

This song is written by Scarlet Avenue and produced by The Star Vista. Catchy chorus.


Do you know of any other SG50 songs that you can share? What are your favourite SG50 songs?

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