As Sennheiser collected the PMX686 SPORTS headphones from me, they passed me another headphones for my review.


Sennheiser MOMENTUM M2 On-Ear (2nd Generation) is an on-ear closed-back foldable headphones. It comes with a removable cord with in-line mic and playback controls, with a premium velvet hard case for storage. This review unit sports ivory rear covers with gold details around the circumference. The upper headband is wrapped with dark brown velvet with minimal padding.


What strikes me on first listen is that the MOMENTUM M2 produces clear treble and recessed mids, so vocals turn out to be less forthcoming. Over days, after warming up to the headphones, I delight at the adequate deep bass and good treble clarity, looking past the lack of warm mids. Critically-speaking, the treble might sound “coloured”, but if you prefer music with brilliant treble, substantial bass, without emphasis on vocals, you will find this headphones matching to your aural desire.


While the ear cushions are Alcantara fabric thus more breathable, its pads are not as soft as other headphones. I’m also not a fan of the headband design, where you slide the earpads along the fixed-length metal band. The only good thing is that there is no need to slide up the earpads as what you might do for other headphones to save space during storage. This headphones does not isolate noise well, but they block sufficient ambient noise to let you enjoy the music.

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-ear M2 headphones are a pleasure to listen to – sparkling yet controlled treble, and substantial bass. Its recommended price in Singapore is S$319, available at Sennheiser Concept Store (Marina Square) and authorised retail stores.

Specs (M2 OEG)

Frequency response: 16-22,000Hz
Impedance: 18 ohms
Sound pressure level (SPL): 112dB
Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0,5%
Microphone sensitivity: -44dB V/Pa
Cable length: 1.4m
Content: headphones, cable, manual, carrying case


– Bright treble
– Strong bass without exaggeration


– Treble and midrange is tuned for mainstream, not for purists

Reviewed by Chester Tan
Rating: 3.8 of 5


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