My ex-colleague’s son is such a talent! He could play my tribute piano composition for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew just by listening, without scores. We call that “play-by-ear”.



Andrew (AJ) is one of the 50 young pianists who are selected out of 300 to perform at the Sing50 Mega Concert, where there will be 50 Steinway pianos for each pianist.


AJ’s mum, Jenn Lee, is a work-at-home mum who blogs about parenting, investing, books, fitness and wellness at


Here’s my original piano version.


Speaking of talent, my daughter Mayenne delighted me recently by playing my Piano Spa 7 title track, Moonlight Waves. She caught me by surprise one evening by figuring out the introduction bass line. Through her persistence, she can now play half the song.




It was a heartfelt moment for me, not because she could play my composition, but because she actually loved my song so much that she wanted to play it out.


Listen to Moonlight Waves from my official blog post.


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