Long time no digest. After I finished my UB+ Eupho speakers review, I had no more products on review. And I was taking a breather from zero units on review – a rare occurrence. I was wondering how long this drought would last when it all came back to me again – 4 review units up for my attention.

Now that you know what’s coming over the next weeks (hint: they are all in the photo above), here’s a recap of my reviews done since my last digest.

Android Tablet: Dell Venue 8

Why it matters: It is the thinnest tablet in the world at only 6mm, encased in aluminium block. Its screen is 2560×1600 QHD. Its front-facing speakers are good. It has 4 cameras – yes, FOUR (3 are used for depth perception, 1 is the front camera).

Why it does not matter: The camera quality is poor. You don’t need a tablet.

Review: https://musicphotolife.com/2015/04/dell-venue-8-7000-series-thinnest-android-tablet-review/

Music: Sony NWZ-A15 Walkman

Why it matters: It is the smallest and lightest high-res audio digital music player. It has loads of tech features including NFC, Bluetooth, 50-hour battery life, microSD card slot, FM radio, and my favourite SensMe Channels mode. Having a dedicated music player frees your smartphone to do what it does best: online surfing, answering calls, saving battery.

Why it does not matter: You think your current music player in your smartphone is good enough and find it redundant to have a separate music player to carry around.

Review: https://musicphotolife.com/2015/04/sony-nwz-a15-high-res-walkman-review/

Speaker: UB+ Eupho Mini Bluetooth

Why it matters: It is designed in Singapore. It delivers impressive sound for its size. It looks unique and has practical expandable accessories.

Why it does not matter: There are too many small speakers in the market at a lower price, and though the sound quality of these low-priced speakers are questionable, I’m not sure if this target market cares much about the sound faithfulness.

Review: https://musicphotolife.com/2015/04/ub-eupho-mini-bluetooth-speakers-review/

Android Phone: HTC One M9

Why it matters: Its aluminium body finish is “jewellery-grade”, where each unit is hand-finished by craftsman. It feels stunningly solid, buyers should refrain from covering it with a casing. Design-aside, the UI is sleek, the hardware is top-of-the-line.

Why it does not matter: Camera lovers might not get the best image quality among the recent competitors.

Review: https://musicphotolife.com/2015/04/htc-one-m9-premium-all-over-again/

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