My colleague saw the Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear M2 unit that I was reviewing and commented he had a Marshall Major (version 1). The following day, he passed to me for a review.

The Marshall is a popular brand, manufacturing great guitar amplifiers. The headphones spot a classy vintage design, foldable for ease of storage. The ear cushions are pretty comfortable, though I felt the headband tension is a little tight for my liking. The audio cable is spring-coiled and the 3.5mm plug has metal coils to protect the cable from damage. However, the cables are not removable. Overall, the headphones are compact and well-built.

As for the sound, the headphones strikes me as warm-sounding with cosy soundstaging. Treble lacks brilliance, which may work well for listeners who prefer that way. Bass is natural and does not over-exaggerate. It offers a comfortable veiled experience, with emphasis on vocal (or mid-range) tones. If you listen to a lot of heavy treble music, the Marshall Major headphones would save your ears from the damaging high frequencies.

The newer Marshall Major II headphones are already selling in Singapore, with improved outlook and a removable audio cable, so you should be looking for that if you are keen on it.


– Warm, cosy sound
– Vintage build, not flashy


– Lacks clarity, details, excitement
– Audio cable not removable

Reviewed by Chester Tan
Rating: 3.4 of 5

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