This week’s digest came one day late because I was busy on this Sunday morning. Anyway, it’s a short digest this week. Read on.

Creative Sound Blaster JAM

Received another audio product for review. This is a new headset from Creative, currently selling at the Creative online store at an exclusive launch price of S$69. I will publish my review this week or the next. Initial feel: budget-build, wide and detailed treble, not for audiophiles, great for consumers who needs full-function wireless headset at a budget price and loves treble clarity over faithful sound reproduction. Hmm, actually, I might have actually given away my one-liner impression of this product already. Perhaps I should skip my full-length review… Nah, I’ll still write a more detailed article.

Android Wear Smartwatches

More than a year ago, I received the Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear, both running in their own proprietary OS and entirely different experience. This week, I received the Sony Smartwatch 3 and LG G Watch R, both running in the exact same Android Wear OS, and most identical experience. On one hand, it makes my review easier. On the other hand, it makes my comparison more challenging. How does one product differentiate itself from the other if the software is identical? The answer lies in the design and the little intricate user experience details. For example, Sony’s screen is in a square format traditional to electronic devices while LG screen is round that is traditional for watchfaces.

Anyway, you will know my verdict after a week or two. Stay tuned, and let me know if you want me to review any specific area.

D-Link DCH-M225: Tested With Apple Airplay Devices

After I completed my review, I passed the D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender to a colleague who has multiple Apple TV and Airport Express at home. He would like to test how this non-Apple Airplay device work together with the originals.

Verdict? The Airplay protocol on the D-Link seems to deliver the wireless audio with a 2-second lag while the other 2 Apple devices stream with good sync. So for now, you might want to hold back the purchase of this D-Link gadget to use with your existing Apple Airplay devices, lest you don’t mind the out-of-sync behaviour (maybe you want to stream the same audio content to different rooms where this sync behaviour is not an issue). However, as a standalone, the D-Link works just like any Airplay devices.

Valentine’s Day Gift 

This is the last week to look for a gift for your loved ones. Need tech gift ideas? You could refer to my Christmas Gift Guide post. Actually, the guide applies to any gifting occasion! If you need a more personalised consultation of gifting, please send me a message on my Facebook Page.

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