I’m going to start doing a periodic digest of stuffs I have learnt over the past days or weeks. This will help periodic readers to learn about music, photo, and tech news I have gathered but too lazy to cover the topic as a full blog post.

CES 2015

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is just over. The CES is the biggest tech show in United States and features loads of futuristic tech and newly released products to attract visitors. I’m not going to cover what other professional tech journalists have done – just google and their articles should show up – but I’m going to mention some of the products that stirs my interest.

LG G Flex 2 – LG brings back the G Flex predecessor after more than a year. Having reviewed the original Flex, the new one is smaller (which is good), full HD higher screen, similar self-healing back. Basically a refresh, and is probably launched just to cater for the segment of techies who want to own curvy devices.

ASUS Zenfone Zoom – ASUS managed to squeeze a zoom lens in a smartphone without any protrusion. I’m looking forward to review this! It’s one thing to build an optical zoom lens, but another to see if it offers low-lag shooting performance and good optical image quality.

Dell XPS 13 (2015) – visitors were wowed by the newest Dell XPS, but if you want to google this product, just watch out. Dell always re-uses the model name so you might end up reading old product specs. The new XPS 13 has a 15-hour battery life and edge-to-edge 13-inch screen in a 11-inch size, and  weighs about 1.2kg, The entry model has a price that barely passed S$1000, and with the acclaimed battery life, this is an awesome ultrabook to look out for.

Lenovo LaVie Z – the 13.3-inch ultrabook weighs from 780 grams and has 6 hour battery life. This ultrabook is designed by NEC, and notice the absent “ThinkPad” brand, which means don’t expect ThinkPad-like keyboard. If you needed a super lightweight ultrabook, this is the one to get.

OPPO R5 Under Review

I collected the OPPO R5 which I won on the eve of my birthday. I should be publishing the review next week. Overall, I love the device experience so far, but the phone will not satisfy power users who need faster processor and larger battery. I do like the OPPO R5 camera performance.

Petalite Flux – Indiegogo

Petalite sent me a press release about this battery pack that can charge up in 15 minutes. Do note that it’s not the smartphone but the battery pack itself that can be charged in 15 minutes. It would still take as long time as other battery packs to charge up your devices, but at least when the battery pack is drained, it will take just 15 minutes and then you are ready to go again. The battery pack is a mere 2600mAh.

Head over to Indiegogo if you are interested to buy one.

Piano Spa 7: Free Delivery

After feedback that the CD is hard to find in Singapore retail stores (last check: only HMV Marina Square has it) I have made my CD album available for online purchase and free delivery within Singapore. Visit this link for the purchase at S$20.

Revamped Site

Noticed I changed my website look and feel? Ya it’s about time. Thanks to CJS for the revamp, her designs usually cater to lifestlye bloggers with elaborate header image. Mine is probably the first she has done that is more formal.

Do give me your comments on the new look, and what other ways it can be improved.

Signing off for now. See you next week!

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