Gadgets with unique selling features always get me excited. OPPO has announced 2 new smartphones and both have features you won’t find anywhere else. What are they? OPPO R5 is the thinnest smartphone ever, at 4.85mm, and it’s so tough, you can use it as a hammer. Check the below video! OPPO N3 is the first smartphone with auto-rotation camera lens.

They have such good specs, I really don’t even need to ask for a review unit to decide that I WANT ONE! And so I’m gonna win one of these, or BOTH of these, smartphones, without paying a cent. FREE!

And so can you! Just do what #OPPOSG wants you to do: share a post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, about the new smartphones.

“If I had the #OPPON3, I’d snap a photo of…”

“The #OPPOR5 is thinner than…”

Your post must contain the hashtags of #OPPOSG and the product that you want to win.

What are you waiting for? Contest ends on 31 December 2014!

OPPO N3 (Image courtesy of OPPO Singapore)

(I don’t get paid to promote the contest, but if you ask me why I’m so enthu about sharing, read the first sentence.)

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