There are a lot of cheap Android smartphones which you can buy for your aged relatives or young children, but in my recent visit at SITEX 2014, I decided to get the Lenovo A328 for $128 because:

1. The UI does not have a separate app drawer, which is similar to iOS and Xiaomi MIUI. This means the user won’t be confused with where to look for their apps. (Similar observation when I reviewed the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2.)

2. It comes with a Security app that manages device permissions, cache and RAM. When the device starts to feel sluggish or low on storage, this app will flush out all the unwanted files. This will help to fix any basic performance issues for non-techie users.

Lenovo smartphones are primarily targeted for China market, hence the similar UI feature as Xiaomi MIUI. The A328 also comes with dual SIM slots.

3. Its warranty is backed by Lenovo itself, unlike other dodgy brands. The other branded budget smartphone is Samsung, but it doesn’t have the first 2 advantages. However, Samsung definitely has a better after-sales support as there are a lot more service centres, while Lenovo service centre for smartphone is only at Funan IT Mall.


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