Our office department organised a Christmas dinner within the office premise and the committee went all out to make it an awesomely classy dinner setting. To capture the set up process, we placed a video-capture device at the corner.

Timelapse with Framlapse

Technology has pampered us so much. Years ago, this would only be possible with a professional camera with interval frame capture or record in normal speed video format, run it through video editing software, and converting to a viewable format, which could take hours.

Today, all it takes is a smartphone and a free app. For this, I choose Framelapse for Android devices. After configuring the desired time lapse speed, I mounted the smartphone on a tripod and let it run. Once I hit the stop button, the video is ready instantly to be replayed.

A 2-hour time lapse capture drains about 50% of my HTC One M8, so do plug in a portable battery if you needed a longer capture.

To complete the video presentation, I further processed the 2 separate timelapse videos with Windows Movie Maker, added titles and credits, inserted music.

Dinner Deco

My favourite hack for the event is the dining set. They look like real silver and ceramic, but are actually made of plastic!

Look out for this in Fairprice supermarket.

Table cloth, candles and table deco are from IKEA. Notice the TV display? We even plugged in an iPad and run an app to simulate the fireplace complete with simulated audio.

We also bought festive ribbons from DAISO to soften the corporate-looking chairs.

Includes table menu to really enhance the dining experience.

Food catering from Fostre, tasty food but they came very late, almost ruining the event.

Fortunately, we kept our guests occupied with pre-dinner cocktail.

Let’s start dinner!

Christmas songs played in the background through the Logitech X300, impressing the guests with its small size but loud volume. Its colour goes well with the Christmas theme too!

Almost everything we used for the event is disposables, except for the wine glasses. We worked that around by offering them as parting gifts. After the event, we salvaged most of the deco items that were not soiled and planned to reuse for our next event.

Awesome work from the committee members, who actually have F&B experience from their previous jobs, hence the impeccably detailed planning. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Photos shot with Samsung NX1000.

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