It is extremely rewarding when brands and agencies recognise my value in engaging in social media and send little gift gestures.

This year, Logitech sent me their flagship Wireless Living Room keyboard, K830, with trackpad and backlit keys.

Microsoft Lumia surprised me with an elaborate Christmas box containing chocolates, Lumia 635 4G/LTE smartphone and a hologram kit! When I slot the phone into the viewer and played the special video, the hologram displays the animated Christmas message. So lovely!

And today, I attended the OPPO R5 roadshow at Vivo City to test the hardiness of the R5 by using it to crack open walnuts. After winning the first round by scoring the highest points, I went to the second round for a lucky draw. I picked the white ball which won me the OPPO R5! Granted, OPPO did not actually prepare this smartphone as my Christmas gift, but I received it from them because they invited me to the event which gave me the chance to win it.

My number of followers may be relatively few, my site hits may not be substantial (9,000 page views per month – not a lot ya), but I realise I have many silent followers who read my articles yet do not engage in social media. I was surprised as I was talking to some of them about some products and they say, “Ya, I read it in your blog.”

From my observation, I get a lot of likes for posts that celebrate success or heartwarming events, for instance, when I receive music awards, or wedding anniversary (this one garnered over 200 likes!). But when it comes to blog articles, followers are selective in their “likes”. And, when I mix personal success with tech products (e.g. winning the OPPO R5 as my birthday gift), my “like” numbers go up.

What drives me to blog about gadgets and products, are these silent followers who value my opinions, who are passively influenced by my blog articles. And so I believe in injecting personal experiences on the products so that they understand how these products improves quality of lives. And that is why I only write reviews of products after I have done hands-on.

For brand companies and PR agencies who believe in my influence (Klout score 62 as at 23 Dec 2014), thank you for your support for the past years. For some who just started engaging me this year, I’m privileged to try your products and share to my readers.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Birthday to me.

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