Last night, I was invited to the StarHub Community Reunion Event for Advocates and Members – SCREAM for short. The annual event was held this year at MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) the Museum of Toys. The entire collection belongs to Mr Chang Yang Fa, a Singapore citizen.

There are so many items there, you could easily have spent the whole day just looking and appreciating them. The curator, Richard, mentioned that most of these toys are mint and untouched, and only represents less than 10% of the owner’s entire collection!

To the new generation kids, the toys may look ugly and dull. But to the older generations, these toys bring out the best of our play imagination and the craftsmanship of the makers.

During the event, I met Grace Tan, an award-winning blogger who publishes a book “Blogging for a Living” and conducts blogging workshops. She is approachable and humble considering her achievements in Singapore blogosphere.

The evening was filled with activities and game prizes to be won. In addition, we were given an exclusive preview of the redesigned website, and had the opportunity to give our comments and suggestions.

Many members, including myself, received an unexpected award for our contributions to the Community. It feels great to be recognised for the efforts put in. But as Grace aptly described, we’re all just having fun doing what we love to do!

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