iPhone 6 goes on sale today in Singapore.

Apple fans: It’s bigger! It’s faster! It’s thinner! it’s prettier! It’s better!

Critics: It’s nothing exciting. Android devices have more features, more variety, more flexibility.

My say? iPhone 6 is a routine update of the Apple smartphone, no different from what Samsung does for the Galaxy line. The new design is appreciated by existing iPhone owners but fails to create a pressing desire for the level headed to go for the upgrade.

When Apple officially revealed the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, the audience erupted with applause. The applause was the sound of relief from media and fans, that FINALLY a brand new iPhone with a brand new design is here. FINALLY, iPhone users can get what Android users have been enjoying all these years. Larger screen, NFC, cashless payments, smartwatch, third party keyboards, etc.

This debate about Android vs. iPhone is getting really stale. The consumer market is mature enough to make a decision on their smartphone purchase. There is no need to decide which MUST BE better, because there is no right answer. Apple has the reliable seamless ecosystem across all Apple devices. Android has the customisability and large variety of designs a dozens manufacturers. Both camps are inspired by each other’s strengths and incorporate in their design improvements.

Consumers who don’t like iPhone will gravitate towards Android, and vice versa. Forcing someone to like something that they don’t appreciate is really painful to everyone and will only create further unhappiness about the brand and ecosystem that has worked well for the consumers who make it work for them. So let’s just live in harmony and let each camp bask at the limelight. There are enough to go around.

Today it’s iPhone 6. Next month, it will be Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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