From 1 Jul to 8 Aug 2014, if you are dreaming of using a Samsung product to fulfil your personal goals, ambitions, ideas, desires, and whatever you can dream of, Samsung could make your dream come true.

But first, you have to share you dream. In 125 characters. Visit , type your dream, and submit. And wait for good news.

You can only submit ONE dream a day, so if you want to increase your chances to make your dreams come true, just submit every day.

If your dream is shortlisted, you will be asked to elaborate your dream. 10 winners will be selected weekly. Samsung will award a total of 50 dreamers with the Samsung products that help them fulfil the dreams.

I rarely blog about contest, but what I like about this contest is that it is so easy to submit your dream. Once you visit the website, you can immediately enter your dream. During submission, you will be asked to link to either your Twitter or your Facebook account. Once you do, Samsung verifies your identity and then you can keep track of all your posted dreams under “My Page”.

Samsung is a great brand to champion this initiative, because Samsung has a hand in so many product lines: mobile devices, displays, audio-video entertainment, cameras, computers, memory storage, printers, home appliances.

A tip to increase the chances of winning: your dream should make an impact to others. Just check out the 4 advocates and their dreams. So, if you dream of taking better pictures with NX30, or monitor your health with Samsung Galaxy S5, try harder, and dream bigger.

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