2013 has been another year of gadget reviews, a slight drop in numbers compared to 2012. This is within my expectations, because I am trying to balance my increase workload on my full-time career. In fact, I was impressed at how many reviews I have accomplished despite my busy schedule. Thanks to all the manufacturers and their local agencies who send me test units to experience each of these tech devices.

Here’s the list of reviews I wrote in 2013 (chronological order).


LG Optimus G
Sony Xperia Z
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
HTC Desire 600
Nokia Lumia 925
HTC Butterfly S
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
HTC One Mini
Nokia Lumia 1020
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
ASUS Padfone Infinity
Nexus 7 (2013)
HTC One Max
HTC Desire 601
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
LG G Flex


Dell XPS 12
HP Envy X2
Lenovo Flex 14


Samsung NX300

Headphones/Audio Equipment

SOL Republic TKDK
SOL Republic Tracks V8
Jabra REVO Wireless
Jabra REVO Corded
Jabra VOX
Sony DR-BTN200M
Jabra Sport Wireless+
Amethyst MD1 and MD3 Bluetooth Speakers
Plantronics BackBeat GO 2
Sony NWZ-WH303
Sony NWZ-WH505

Tech Accessories

Logitech Touch Mouse T400
Logitech Touch Mouse T620
Logitech Keyboard K310
Logitech Keyboard K400r
Logitech Tablet Keyboard
Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K810
Logitech Wireless Touchpad T650
Innova ProTag
ASUS RT-AC56U Router
Sony Smartwatch 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear


Dell U2713H
Dell P2714T

Favourite Tech Brand: Sony

It was my favourite brand in 2012. This year again, Sony has numerous hits on various tech categories, making it my favourite brand. This year, I enjoyed the Xperia Z Ultra, the SmartWatch 2, and the latest Walkman headphones WH505. I would probably give them high marks for their latest VAIO Pro 11/13 ultrabooks but I did not have a chance to review them. Then there are a few awesome products that I have not reviewed: the Wi-Fi lens camera QX100, the 35mm full-frame mirrorless camera Alpha A7.

The other impressive tech brand is ASUS, they have offered so many innovative computing device solutions.

Favourite Smartphone: HTC Butterfly S

This model is really an underdog. While the community is abuzz with HTC One, the Butterfly S remains outside the limelight. But other than the design, the HTC Butterfly S beats HTC One in every way: larger screen, faster processor, larger battery capacity, micro SD card slot, standard Android 3-button setup. I quite like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but let down by the dated TouchWiz UI and general stability issues.

Favourite Camera in a Smartphone: Nokia Lumia 1020

If you needed a smartphone with the best imaging hardware, then it has to be Lumia 1020, putting aside the OS. Else, I would go for a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3. No comments on the higher-pixel Sony Xperia Z1, as I have not reviewed it.

Favourite Headset: Plantronics BackBeat GO 2

Everyone needs a pair of earphones, but no one wants tangled wires that obstructs the joy. BackBeat GO 2 is a simple wireless headset that delivers excellent sound within the audio limitations of the Bluetooth technology. And it is relatively inexpensive compared to the other Bluetooth headsets in the market. The best value-for-money earphones goes to RHA MA350.

What’s in for 2014?

I didn’t realise I have been publishing content for more than 10 years (since 2003). Using Wayback Machine, I traced back my first CMS portal in 2003, and realised how much content I have created back then. I even set up forums, photo galleries, posting content every other day, digging for news, useful links. I worked hard to develop my site into a rich content portal, similar to what many sites are doing now.

What was different compared to other professional sites is that my reviews are experiential, not technical. I have received compliments about my reviews, that they are insightful, more truthful, more concise and less jargon than professional review sites.

So please leave comments to help me do better in 2014. And most importantly, SHARE my review links so that more people have a chance to enjoy reading my reviews as much as you do. Drop me a message on my Facebook page if you needed help on purchase decisions.

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